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Ensuring compliance and alignment with regulators when data is moved or consumed in and out of public cloud

Q. I was recently asked the question how is Aviatrix supporting its customers in ensuring compliance and alignment with regulators when data is moved or consumed in and out of public cloud?

A. The challenges being faced in keeping aligned with industry regulations and country laws and best practices when moving workloads to the cloud can be overwhelming and all-consuming for IT Leadership. Whether using public cloud for backup services, storage or for data processing this is just another of many challenges that organizations continue to face and continue to have to demonstrate that proper controls are in place.

The good news is that Aviatrix is uniquely placed to help organization, whether you are using a one public cloud or multi cloud providers, Aviatrix’s cloud agnostic Multi Cloud Network solution offers many benefits to help address regulatory, data protection and cloud network security challenges. Aviatrix by default encrypts all the connections that we build between networks within the cloud, across multiple clouds and to external networks. On top of this we have patented High Performance Encryption (HPE) at line rate encryption to ensure that data in transit is fully protected end to end for links which require the highest available throughput (the standard speed of IPsec tunnel in the cloud is ~1.25 Gbps, but with Aviatrix HPE you can reach up to 90 Gbps.

To augment this, Aviatrix Stateful Firewall, segmentation capabilities and advanced traffic Egress/Ingress filtering provides the enhanced security measures and controls and gives confidence to organizations that their data is secure, fully protected and only accessible through a framework of policy based roles. Apart from the security features built into Aviatrix platform, you can integrate via service insertion/service chaining 3rd party security devices (e.g. Next Generation Firewalls) into the solution for even higher levels of protection of your traffic. But it doesn’t stop there…, Aviatrix will also connect remote branch and campus offices in a safe and secure way into the cloud, this is especially useful for remote locations wanting to consume real time SaaS applications like Zoom, O365 etc. Typically larger enterprises organizations will usually traverse this traffic back via on premise data centers and out to the SaaS provider. This can unnecessarily consume expensive WAN bandwidth, cause latency delays and end up with a poor user experience.

Aviatrix CoPilot for day 2 Multi Cloud Network support, management, monitoring and visibility will give real time fault alerting, observability, traffic anomaly detection and reporting, asset inventory logging and the ability to self- correct the cloud network if desired are just a few mission critical “must have’s” that all organization desire.

Aviatrix with their cloud agnostic Multi Cloud Network Architecture is here to help your organization in its public cloud journey, why not check us out at