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Enterprises Rely on Multicloud Security to Protect Cloud Workloads

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As enterprises move more of their business infrastructure into the cloud, they are grappling with the challenges of managing multiple cloud environments. Security firms are tackling multicloud security through increased visibility, cross-platform implementations, or a combination of the two.

On Thursday, cloud networking firm Aviatrix announced its new Distributed Cloud Firewall security platform, which combines traffic inspection and policy enforcement across multicloud environments. The firm uses native cloud platform features and its own technology to give companies a consolidated view into the security of their cloud workloads and the ability to push out the same policies to different clouds, says Rod Stuhlmuller, VP of solutions marketing at Aviatrix.

“The architecture is really what’s new, not necessarily the capabilities of each of the features,” he says. “It’s very different than having to reroute traffic to some centralized inspection point for whatever security capabilities you’re talking about — that just becomes very complex and expensive to do.”