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Aviatrix Blog

From the CEO’s Desk: Introducing The Distributed Cloud Firewall 

Today, May 18, 2023, we announced the availability of Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall.  We have been working on this ever since I joined Aviatrix four years ago, and I am so proud of our team for the hard work to get this category-defining innovation to market. 


Network security in the cloud today is horribly broken. And it should not come as a surprise.  All the industry has offered to date is “lifting and shifting” 15-year-old architectures (i.e. next-generation firewalls, or NGFW) from the on-prem data center into the cloud. An architecture based on steering traffic to a choke point to inspect traffic. That was a great architecture for on-prem data centers where there is a perimeter to place the firewall and inspect traffic.  


But the cloud is different. It has no perimeter.   


Applications are dynamic, agile, and distributed. We need a security infrastructure that maps to the new modern world of cloud apps. Trying to take “last-generation firewalls” or LGFWs as I call them (because something 15 years old can no longer be call next-generation) and unnaturally try to steer all traffic to them leads to complex routing and operations with no security controls for traffic steered incorrectly, poor scalability, performance bottlenecks — and let’s not forget, they’re also really, really expensive. 


The only way to map to the application “zero trust” needs in the cloud is to distribute network security into the fabric of the cloud network itself. This is architecturally the only way to do it. And operationally, it is greatly simplified and looks like one big, giant firewall across one or multiple clouds. Security scales easily as the network is scaled, there are no performance bottlenecks, and cost is dramatically reduced as well. 


I have talked to many of our top enterprises about the Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, and they all agree; this is “game changing” in their words.   


I look forward to talking with you all about our amazing new solution. 


Steve Mullaney