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Introducing CostIQ: Accurate Allocations for Shared Cloud Network Services 

Today, we launched an exciting new feature to the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform called CostIQ. CostIQ solves one of the biggest limitations inherent to native cloud service provider (CSP) networking – cost to cloud.  


Let’s set the stage: 80% of companies are using at least two clouds today, but many simply rely on the native tools that CSPs provide. As business-critical applications move to the cloud, increased cloud costs send business leaders into a tailspin – who is ringing up these charges?  


We hear this all the time from our customers. Recently, a senior director of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company told me, “Splitting my cloud costs has become a division problem.” The issue with this type of bill allocation is teams that don’t consume shared services end up paying equally to those that do, and that just doesn’t scale. 


Traditionally, CFOs and CIOs look to FinOps groups and cloud financial management (CFM) systems to gain this insight. The problem is CFMs show the expense of applications but can’t break down why they are expensive or how they’re being consumed and cannot capture egress or cross-availability zone costs. This forces IT leaders to either shoulder these bills themselves or split them in uninformed ways. What businesses need is a way to have cost intelligence built directly into business-critical infrastructure. 


Enter CostIQ. 


CostIQ simplifies chargeback or showback allocation for shared resources, giving IT teams accurate visibility and clarity into exactly how many shared services are being consumed by which cost centers based on network usage. Even more importantly, IT planners and cloud architects can easily analyze usage trends to identify and reallocate underutilized resources, identify areas for cost-optimization, and plan for cloud expenditures.  


You most definitely want to see this in action. Schedule a demo today to see how Aviatrix and CostIQ can give you more insight and clarity into your cloud spend.