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Aviatrix Blog

Introducing the Altitude Podcast: Giving Voice to the Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation

Are you an IT professional with your head stuck in the clouds? Or just curious about what’s going on up there?  


As enterprises go all in on the cloud, IT leaders and teams either fall behind or rise above. To rise above, we must overcome the challenges of moving to the cloud and driving businesses to the next level.  


Please join us on Altitude: Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation. Together, we learn from the true heroes of cloud who overcome everyday challenges to drive business agility, innovation, and cloud transformation. Throughout the show, we explore the experiences and viewpoints of various individuals, such as executives, architects, sellers, analysts, managers, and more. In return, we hope to empower the unsung heroes of IT infrastructure that optimize solutions delivered to the next-gen enterprise.  


Hot topics include migrations, infrastructure, training, industry trends, DevOps, and women in technology, just to name a few. If it’s in the cloud and it’s a challenge, then we discuss it. More importantly, we hear from many different professionals involved – from those who are turning the wrenches to those who are designing and selling both the products and promises of tomorrow.    


We’re not afraid to ask tough questions here; we learn all about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the business. Most importantly, we present best practices and innovative solutions to help build momentum for your business. For within every challenge lies the opportunity to grow and learn. And hey, we’ll celebrate those hard-won victories too, and hopefully, create a few more on our journey together. 


We’ve had a blast over the first few episodes, speaking with experts on SAP migration, professional growth, business trends, and even the future of networking and security in cloud. And we’re just getting started.  


So join us on Altitude. Let’s keep our heads in the clouds and see how much we can learn together.   


Want to learn more about and how to listen and subscribe? Please visit: 



About Altitude
Altitude: The Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation explores the stories of IT leaders and teams overcoming the challenges of moving to the cloud and driving their businesses to the next level. Hosted by Bryan “Woody” Woodworth, Sr. Principal Solutions Strategist at Aviatrix, Altitude shines a light on the unsung heroes navigating the cloud and finding new opportunities to innovate. Learn more: