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Aviatrix Blog

Enterprise Multicloud Networking


Aviatrix Blog

New Book: The Hybrid Cloud Handbook for AWS 

Network engineers are masters of transition. We’ve been part of the technology journey from the beginning, and we’ve never been more important to the business than we are right now. The future networks are hybrid: partly in a data center, partly in the cloud. Businesses plan to run their critical applications where they run best, and the networks of the future must be ready to support them. 


That means that networks engineers must be ready too. But not every engineer wants to become a cloud expert. Some engineers are having trouble keeping up with traditional network innovations without having to add the cloud on top. That means what’s needed is not a ponderous tome, but a quick, concise, consumable handbook that can get the engineers of today started speaking the cloud language. Enter “The Hybrid Cloud Handbook for AWS.” 


I’ve been working in the network industry for almost 15 years, on some of the largest networks in the world. I’m a CCIE EI (Route/Switch), and an SD-WAN expert. I’ve seen the industry transitions happening, and I came to Aviatrix to use what I know to help customer engineers be just as effective in the cloud as they have been on prem. Aviatrix is focused on cloud networking in a way that makes sense to traditional network engineers. 


This book was written by a network warrior, for network warriors. Some engineers never want to be cloud experts, and that’s okay, but businesses are migrating, and hybrid networking will be the future. “The Hybrid Cloud Handbook for AWS” aims to present cloud networking concepts using diagrams and terminology familiar to traditional network engineers to bridge that gap and get them working with the cloud teams fast. 


The key highlights from this book: 


  • AWS-specific native cloud constructs explained using familiar network diagrams 
  • Progressive introduction of more complex networking options, including how to integrate native cloud constructs with Network Virtual Appliances 
  • Deeper focus on hybrid cloud design, including AWS Direct Connect and virtual interfaces (VIFs) 
  • A quick reference cheat sheet with chapter references for the next time you’re on a call and need to speak the language fast 


I’ve been active in the networking community for many years, and as I transitioned to cloud networking, the complaint I heard most often from other engineers is there just no time to do it, it’s too different, and they are too busy to learn. That’s why I built this book; to focus on network engineers directly and what they care about, without having to spend months learning everything. This book provides a launch point to go deeper, or just to speak the language with cloud teams. 


Network engineers will own the hybrid networks of the future. Are you ready? 


The Hybrid Cloud Handbook for AWS: AWS Cloud Networking for Traditional Network Engineers” is now available on Amazon. Still have questions? Get in touch with us!