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Secure Cloud Egress with FQDN

Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Secure Egress with FQDN Filtering – Control Your Cloud Egress Traffic  

Secure egress filtering is a powerful service enabled by the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform. Aviatrix Gateways provide Enterprise IT with visibility and centralized control over internet bound traffic, restricting communication to Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).

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Aviatrix Secure Egress with FQDN Filtering delivers following benefits:

  • Filtering Control – Native cloud constructs such as Internet or NAT Gateways filter on IP address, but not on FQDN’s. This creates a gap in visibility for cloud operations and security teams.  Aviatrix provides the FQDN context in centralized security policies for your VPC/VNET egress traffic across regions and clouds.
  • Visibility and Discovery – Discover what internet sites your apps visit before you create your filtering policies.
  • Reduced Security Risk – FQDN “Allow” lists, reduces an attacker’s ability to exfiltrate data and limits the ability for malicious traffic to communicate with your cloud services
  • Security Policies – Centrally managed groups of white listed domains allow policies to be applied easily in deployment workflows
  • Compliance – Many cloud workloads are subject to corporate or regulatory compliance, such as PCI. Aviatrix FQDN filtering is an easy to deploy solution to achieve compliance requirements.
  • High Performance at Low Cost – Aviatrix Gateways replace native NAT gateways and provide high-throughput with limited compute requirements
  • Automation – Deployment and updates easily fit into existing CICD pipelines with Terraform, the Aviatrix Rest API

Visibility and operational control over internet bound traffic is an important element of an enterprise multi-cloud architecture. Cloud applications with unrestricted access to the Internet-based services expose your environment to attack. Best practices limit application and database tier network communications to only known Internet-based services. For example, app tier services that require build packages from GitHub must have access to, but all other access should be filtered and blocked. Aviatrix provides the visibility to understand what Internet-based services your applications are communicating with and gives you the control to filter those communication by Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).


Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Egress Security solution provides visibility and control for traffic leaving a VPC or VNET.Aviatrix Gateways do this by understanding egress traffic Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN), then “Allowing” or “Blocking” lists of domain names to control the traffic, including support for HTTP, HTTPS or other non-HTTP applications such as SFTP/SSH.

Groups of domain names are created as policies such as “dev” and “prod” and applied to Aviatrix Gateways operating in VPCs or VNETs


VPC/VNET Egress: Secure Egress with FQDN is deployed in each VPC/VNET to provide direct internet connectivity visibility and control.

Centralized Egress: All VPC/VNET internet bound traffic is aggregated into a centralized egress VPC/VNET to provide internet connectivity visibility and control.

Aviatrix Gateways are deployed using the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform through step-by-step workflows or automated leveraging Terraform scripts. Some key deployment benefits include:

  • ActiveMesh (Active/Active) mode with an Aviatrix Gateway in each Availability Zone. This provides high availability for both the Aviatrix Gateway and cloud infrastructure.
  • The Aviatrix Gateway is also a Stateful Firewall, providing the ability to leverage traditional address/port/protocol-based filtering policy for your egress security.
  • Combined with AWS Ingress Routing service, Aviatrix Gateways can ingest AWS Guard Duty malicious IP lists and use them in a dynamic ingress security policy.


  • Highly Available; Fault Tolerant
  • Filters traffic by FQDN
  • FQDN filtering using wildcards
  •  Supports HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  •  Supports additional protocols (SFTP, FTP, ICMP, etc.)
  • Filters traffic by IP address/port/protocol
  •  Centralized management console
  •  Integrated audit logging (view in Aviatrix or export logs to Splunk, Sumologic, Datadog, and other tools)


Aviatrix Egress Security solution provides enterprise IT cloud networking and security architects with egress FQDN filtering for VPCs/VNETs with centralized policy management through the Aviatrix Controller and Console. The service blocks all outbound internet traffic except specific whitelisted domain names (FQDN). This cost-effective solution, priced at a fraction of other popular solutions, directs outbound traffic through the Aviatrix Gateway, to deliver visibility and control not offered by native cloud services.

For more details, check out or connect with our technical solution engineer through online chat.

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