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Aviatrix Blog

Silverlinings March Madness: Meet the 32 contenders in our ‘Most influential person in cloud’ contest

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The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program Founders

Silverlinings March Madness
(The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program Founders)

Created by Nauman Mustafa, Shahzad Ali, Hammad Alam and Saad Mirza of Aviatrix, the ACE Program is the industry’s first and only multi-cloud networking certification, and embodiment of its founders’ commitment to closing the cloud networking skills gap. Launched in 2019, the ACE Program was created to help professionals receive comprehensive training and specialized courses that provide a deep understanding of how to build, operate, automate, scale, and secure multi-cloud networks across any cloud.

Steve Mullaney, President and CEO, Aviatrix

Silverlinings March Madness
(Steve Mullaney, Aviatrix)

Steve Mullaney led SDN and network virtualization startup Nicira as CEO which sold to VMware for $1.26B, where he then led VMware’s networking and security business unit. Since Steve joined Aviatrix, several Google, AWS and Oracle engineers and talent (including many of Azure’s Global Black Belts) have followed to contribute to the company’s hyper-growth trajectory.