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Tag Archives: cloud security

  1. Zero Trust at the Cloud Edge is Solved – But We Can’t Stop There

    Secure access service edge (SASE) has been one of the most important innovations for security over the last three years. By granting businesses deep insight into their users and devices, zero trust network access (ZTNA) can now be informed by multiple levels of context, which makes it much harder for traditional attacks to evade the…


  2. The Future of Cloud Network Security: Insights from Aviatrix on AWS Security LIVE!

    AWS Security LIVE! is a Twitch show focused on AWS and AWS Partners solving security challenges for customers. In a recent episode, Chris McHenry, VP of Product Management at Aviatrix, joined hosts Margo Cronin, Principal Solution Architect, Security & Compliance at AWS, and Rob Hale, Principal Security Segment Leader, EMEA at AWS. Together, they explored…

    Security AWS

  3. Cloud Networking at KubeCon: How Do You Reconcile Kubernetes and VMs? 

    The early days of cloud were like the wild west – developers spun up test environments and created solutions on the fly to solve their problems. Eventually, as the center of mass and more business-critical applications shifted to cloud, IT and enterprise controls followed.     Today, we’re seeing Kubernetes follow the same trajectory. In 2022,…

    Security Firewall Network

  4. Is Your Cloud Network a Ticking Time Bomb? Part 2: Cloud Scale and the Endless Perimeter

    It’s All About Risk     Earlier this spring I decided to take an in-depth look at the best-practice networking security known as the virtual DMZ, which is essentially a data center era firewall deployed at virtual kit in a hub VPC or VNet, surrounded by various spoke VPCs or VNets. I set out to examine…

    Security Firewall Network Multi-Cloud

  5. A Deeper Look at the Distributed Cloud Firewall: A Firewall for the Cloud Era 

    In November of 2021, a team of security researchers at Alibaba announced a massive discovery. Log4J, one of the most popular libraries in the 2nd most popular programming language, had an extremely simple Remote Code Execution vulnerability. They nicknamed it “Log4Shell.” This, like several Apache Struts vulnerabilities before it, was a 5-alarm fire for many…

    Security Firewall Network