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Enterprise Multicloud Networking


Tag Archives: Network Backbone

  1. New Certification: Here’s Why the ACE Cloud Backbone and Hybrid Connectivity Course is for You

    By Saad Mirza and Shahzad Ali    Have you been tasked with improving legacy network designs? Does your company use a cloud service provider (CSP) underlay network to build its cloud network backbone?    If this sounds familiar, our new Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program course – Cloud Backbone and Hybrid Connectivity – may be…

    Network Backbone ACE

  2. MACSec or IPSec? Which one is the right choice for encrypting cloud connectivity?

    TLDR; MACSec exposes your data in the clear at every router hop along the way. IPSec provides better end-to-end security with high throughput with technology available from Aviatrix.    If your company has sensitive data to transmit over a network, you will want that data to be encrypted as much as possible and sent over a…

    Backbone Security Uncategorized

  3. Cracking the Code on Predictable Network Costs with Aviatrix’s Cloud Network Backbone

    The cost of cloud services is influenced by a complex web of factors, often resulting in unexpected bills. In a recent conversation I had with one CIO, he mentioned that they had allocated $5 million for their annual cloud budget but ended up paying $15 million. A 3x escalation in budget is not easy to…

    Backbone Network Backbone Cloud Costs

  4. The “Sprawl of Consoles” Problem: No One has a Full View of the Cloud Network

    As businesses increasingly rely on cloud technologies, they choose platforms that are best for their specific needs irrespective of the cloud provider – often resulting in using two or more public clouds. The desire to stay cloud-native results in two, three, four different cloud provider-specific cloud-native architectures that then need to be stitched together and…

    Backbone Multi-Cloud

  5. 3 Great Customer Examples of Implementing a Cloud Network Backbone 

    As a 30+ year veteran in the networking business, I can attest to the fact that the enterprise network backbone has been the foundation of network architecture for decades. And now, as business-critical applications move from the data center to the cloud, enterprises are rethinking backbone network architecture. With cloud as the new center of…

    Multi-Cloud Network Backbone