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Every year, Futuriom kicks off the year with a review of the top trends in cloud and communications infrastructure for 2024. We also identify the top 50 companies (Aviatrix included) we think are riding these trends toward acquisition or Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The top theme right now is, of course, AI. The massive amount of money that has flowed into the AI market is having a disproportionate effect on infrastructure, as organizations worldwide prepare for a long cycle of upgrading compute, networking, and storage infrastructure to handle the extreme demands of AI (more data and processing).

But there’s way more than AI going on. IT organizations are dealing with the constant evolving challenges of managing infrastructure, including increased complexity, ever-present security risks, and managing data. Here are the top trends we see for 2024:

  • Trend #1: Hybrid and Multicloud Infrastructure
  • Trend #2: AI Infrastructure
  • Trend #3: Edge Cloud and Data Management Convergence
  • Trend #4: Cloud-Cost Management and FinOps
  • Trend #5: Cloud Visibility and Automation
  • Trend #6: Cloud Security Convergence