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Who is Responsible for Closing the Cloud Skills Gap?

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  • Fresh data from an Aviatrix study found the cloud talent gap is still a huge problem for enterprises.

  • Upskilling is a short-term solution for enterprises, but a more holistic approach is needed.

  • Regardless of approach, the rapidly changing cloud landscape makes it hard to keep up with which skills are needed.

Like a cockroach crawling behind the walls of a beautiful home, a skills gap lurks just outside the cloud paradise Amazon, Microsoft and Google have built. But who is responsible for squashing the problem – the great tech landlords who want enterprises to make a home in their data centers, or the enterprises themselves?

The fact that a skills gap exists is pretty much common knowledge by now, but fresh data from Aviatrix drives the point home. The cloud networking vendor surveyed more than 400 respondents in security, cloud and networking roles and found nearly two thirds (62.6%) reported their company struggled to hire the necessary talent to support cloud initiatives. And 65.7% said they had difficulty finding the right resources to learn about high-demand skills.