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Employee Spotlight

Don't miss these employee Q&A spotlights to learn about why our employees choose Aviatrix and the interesting challenges they solve and projects they work on every day.

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Shanshan Xu Headshot

Shanshan Xu

Principal Architect TL/M, Software Development

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The engineering leadership team has been incredibly supportive of me and the extended engineering group. Knowing that they fully trust my judgement and allow me to take charge of many core areas, makes it even more rewarding. Cloud networking brings a lot of technical challenges and I enjoy working to solve them.

Li Yan Headshot

Li Yan

Senior Principal Engineer TL/M, Software Development

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Much like female aviators who broke barriers in aviation, I encourage young women entering the field of software engineering to embrace technology, innovate, and empower themselves. Believe in your abilities, be passionate about the technology that you are interested in, and be willing to overcome obstacles to make the impossible possible.

Aditya Prerepa Headshot

Aditya Prerepa

Software Engineer

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My experience at Aviatrix has been very ‘do it yourself’, which is exactly how I want it. There are all sorts of interesting projects going on, and as an engineer, you have the freedom to push something all the way to the finish line. In other words, feature velocity is almost entirely up to you. To get anywhere, you have to do the hard work yourself—learning the ins and outs of any project.

Katie Holms Headshot

Katie Holms

Director of Community and Customer Education

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I enjoy working in a dynamic environment where I can wear multiple hats, learn new skills, introduce innovative ideas, and collaborate with a team that I admire and respect. Even after four years at Aviatrix, I remain motivated and passionate about my role. I believe that continuous learning, growth, and having fun along the way are essential to success.

Louise de Jong Headshot

Louise de Jong

Senior Principal Talent Advisor—Engineering

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The favorite part of my job is when I call a job applicant with the good news that they will be receiving an offer. Being able to help a talented engineer land a position at Aviatrix is such a humbling experience. It’s rewarding knowing that I’m making a positive impact on a candidate’s career choice and connecting them with likeminded engineers.

Jon Shriner Headshot

Jon Shriner

Senior Compensation Manager

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What excited me about Aviatrix was being part of a start-up. Having an opportunity to develop compensation programs from the ground up and work with others to build what we hope becomes a great, iconic company was very enticing at this stage in my career. I’ve always been interested in working for high-tech companies as they tend to be more employee friendly and more resourceful as they understand and implement a wide variety of technologies for efficiency.

Rodman Stuhlmuller Headshot

Rodman Stuhlmuller

DevSecOps Engineer

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Working at Aviatrix has been an absolute whirlwind of learning, growth, and exciting challenges. I’m surrounded by a diverse team of experts who are passionate about learning and collaboration. I’m continuously inspired. Our IT leadership is strategic, forward-thinking, and tremendously supportive. They empower team members to take initiative, make decisions, and learn by doing.

Matt Mcspadden headshot

Matthew McSpadden

IT DevOps Lead

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I joined Aviatrix because I love its Secure Cloud Networking solution. It’s just that simple. While I was an Aviatrix customer, I was consistently blown away by the endless features it offered, and nothing has changed. I’m still enthralled by the impact Aviatrix has on enterprises moving to cloud. I want to build, and at Aviatrix, I’ve been given the opportunity to do just that.

Jeff Duke Headshot

Jeff Duke

Senior Customer Solution Architect

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When I decided it was time to shift gears in my career—transitioning from a network engineer to a cloud architect—it didn’t take me long to determine that working at Aviatrix would be my ideal next move given my extensive experience with its secure cloud networking solution, knowledge of numerous cloud service providers (CSPs), and my passion for working in multicloud environments. The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program has been instrumental in helping me advance my career.

Nick D. Headshot

Nick Davitashvili

Senior Cloud Network Architect

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I recently relocated to Amsterdam from Australia. Thanks to the wonder of time zones, I found myself rubbing virtual shoulders with the fabulous Aviatrix crew from EMEA and the US. It's like a buffet of intellectual curiosity, know-how, and problem solving at its max. I feel like I’m bathing in knowledge here at Aviatrix. One of the great perks of my career is that it doesn't just pay the bills, it affords me the freedom to indulge in eclectic interests and the flexibility to do what I love from any spot on the globe.

Tim Larder Headshot

Tim Larder

Director of Sales, UK & Ireland

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Many sales leaders and engineers are looking to join smaller dynamic technology companies, attracted by the opportunity to differentiate themselves, and accelerate their career aspirations. Aviatrix ticks all the boxes—a well-funded, born in the cloud start-up that’s in a significant growth phase, creating a new market segment while supporting the top Fortune 500 companies in their quest to move to the cloud.

Randolph Chung Headshot

Randolph Chung

Vice President, Engineering for Edge Solutions

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Aviatrix is a rising star in multicloud networking. I’m energized by the leadership as they are moving the company in the right direction—both from a business and engineering execution perspective. I’m surrounded by a diverse team of talented and highly motivated engineers who are committed to working towards the company’s success. For engineers looking for an opportunity to work in a highly collaborative environment and seeing their work directly impact customers and the company, Aviatrix is the place to grow their career.

Corbin Louks

Regional Sales Manager

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The cloud has introduced so many positive business benefits but has also created many challenges. Aviatrix has pioneered the secure cloud networking software market, helping enterprises conquer the complexities while minimizing risks and costs and we’ve barely scratched the surface of our potential. The true power behind our success is the caliber of talent we have here at Aviatrix. It’s beyond impressive. What impresses me more is their willingness and unwavering commitment to help and support our customers at all costs.

Bryan “Woody” Woodworth

Principal Solutions Strategist

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At Aviatrix, our number one goal is to solve real, tangible problems for the people that live and work in the cloud. Collaboration is a company virtue so if you are interested in joining our team, be ready to contribute and have a voice. We move too quickly for wallflowers, and place high value on creativity and innovation. But most importantly, be passionate about what you do. We are here to solve problems and make a difference!

Johnny Kao

Johnny Kao

Sr. Engineering Manager

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"Our Leaders here at Aviatrix are astute observers of business trends and know how to seize opportunities and pivot at the right time. I am so proud to be a part of this incredible team. Everyone is enthusiastic and contributes their unique skills and perspectives. We all understand the company's goals and work together to achieve them. Despite our diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, we have a strong sense of cohesion and camaraderie that is truly special."

Madhuri Kaniganti

Madhuri Kaniganti

Director of Product Management

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I enjoy being part of a company that is leading a new area—collaborating closely with customers, building the product with amazing talent, and finding ways to be more innovative and creative to solve the toughest of challenges. Being part of a fast-paced startup has allowed me to wear multiple hats and requires being resourceful and bold, and having the ability to pivot quickly. This type of environment is where I thrive best.

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