Q&A with Bryan "Woody" Woodworth, Principal Solutions Strategist

“At Aviatrix, our number one goal is to solve real, tangible problems for the people that live and work in the cloud. Collaboration is a company virtue so if you are interested in joining our team, be ready to contribute and have a voice. We move too quickly for wallflowers, and place high value on creativity and innovation. But most importantly, be passionate about what you do. We are here to solve problems and make a difference!”—Bryan Woodworth

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Employee Spotlight – Bryan “Woody” Woodworth

Q. Prior to joining Aviatrix, you worked at Microsoft (Azure). Why did you leave such a well-established company, a top cloud service provider (CSP), and sought-after position to join Aviatrix?

A. I joined Aviatrix because out of hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs) within Azure, only Aviatrix truly understood the pain points that IT was experiencing with cloud infrastructure and had the right approach in solving it. As our CEO Steve Mullaney has said many times, “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” He was referring to four plus years ago when he was retired, he saw that enterprises were going all in on the cloud at the same time and it was the perfect time for Aviatrix to be the Cisco for the cloud computing model era. He said, “Someone must be the reference architecture for network and network security. Why not us?” I totally agree. There can only be one solution to unite a multicloud world, and I knew that none of the traditional vendors or CSPs were going to do it.


Cloud infrastructure problems are unique. While some had a front row seat, I was fortunate enough to be in the game itself. The experience at Microsoft had given me the ability to truly connect with IT and cloud professionals both personally and professionally. I was with them every step of the way. When I joined Aviatrix, I knew I was in good company as more than half of the Azure Global Black Belt team had already landed here.


Q. Beyond your daily role, what do you find most gratifying since joining Aviatrix?

A. So far, it has been the connections and friendships that I’ve established being active on social media and participating in industry conversations. Writing blogs, authoring, and weighing in with my respected industry peers on cloud, cloud security, and networking articles, and being the host of Aviatrix’s podcast, Altitude, to name a few. I love the positive and empowering side of social media—how it can bring people from different places and walks of life together for a common good—fixing the complex problems in our industry. Social media has connected me with some of the most interesting, passionate, and intelligent people I’ve ever met. Every time I finish a podcast, I feel like I’ve either made a new friend, deepened an existing friendship, or learned something that I never thought about before.


Q. You’ve spent most of your career at large technology companies. What positive experiences have you drawn from working at a startup and what opportunities have presented themselves during your time here?

A. What I love about our culture at Aviatrix is that our number one goal is to solve real, tangible problems for the people that live and work in cloud – and we want to tackle these challenges quickly, as in tomorrow. Large technology companies are bad at true velocity. They can become victims of their own success and get complacent, or voices that can make a significant impact, often get lost in the noise. I can relate to the latter. Aviatrix is different, everyone here listens and seeks to fix the same issues. This was incredibly affirming when I joined.


Q. In your short time at Aviatrix, you’ve had an opportunity to wear different hats. What can you share with potential job candidates on growth opportunities within and beyond your role?

A. What’s unique about working at Aviatrix is that you can always find a team working on a project that interests you and you are consistently welcomed to roll up your sleeves and get involved. There is always something valuable to do and be explored. In my role, I can move around, and help solve problems as they arise. It’s totally different than working at a big technology company where people tend to work in silos. Everyone here takes the time to talk with one another—there are no artificial boundaries between teams or individuals. If you are looking to grow your career, Aviatrix is the perfect company for you as there is a lot of grassroots mentoring and knowledge transfer going on here.


Q. What advice would you give to job candidates if they are seeking to join Aviatrix?

A. No egos please! Collaboration is a company virtue. Be ready to contribute and have a voice. We are moving too fast for wallflowers, and place high value on creativity and innovation. But most importantly, be passionate about what you do. We are here to solve problems and make a difference! We are super customer focused so it’s all about helping people at the end of the day.


Prior to joining Aviatrix, Woodworth spent more than eight years at Microsoft, where he became an Azure Global Black Belt in networking and network security. He previously spent nearly eight years at F5 Networks where he served as a sales engineering lead working with more than a dozen dedicated Fortune 500 customers on the west coast. Known affectionately as the “cloud counselor”—one who listens, advises, empowers, and never judges—he was a natural fit to be the host of Aviatrix’s podcast, Altitude: The Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation, where he interviews IT analysts, real-world practitioners, subject matter experts, and thought leaders. With his unique background and vast experience in the IT industry, he is frequently tapped as an expert on secure cloud migrations and various other related industry topics. Connect with Woodworth on LinkedIn here. View the Careers page for the latest Aviatrix job openings.