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Q&A with Madhuri Kaniganti, Senior Principal Product Manager

“I enjoy being part of a company that is leading a new area—collaborating closely with customers, building the product with amazing talent, and finding ways to be more innovative and creative to solve the toughest of challenges. Being part of a fast-paced startup has allowed me to wear multiple hats and requires being resourceful and bold, and having the ability to pivot quickly. This type of environment is where I thrive best.”—Madhuri Kaniganti

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Employee Spotlight – Madhuri Kaniganti, Director of Product Management

Madhuri KanigantiQ. You joined Aviatrix after spending more than 16 years at Microsoft (Azure). What made you take the leap to Aviatrix? 
A. Throughout my career, I have been at the forefront of solving complex networking problems, including building an SDN solution for bare-metal workloads in Azure. With the shift to multicloud, building the network across multiple clouds transcends what a single cloud can do. The challenge with multicloud networking cannot be solved by single CSPs, it requires a paradigm shift. I saw an incredible opportunity with Aviatrix as the company has been innovatively addressing this problem in a way that customers love. I made the leap to be part of Aviatrix to help shape our cloud-based Edge product from ground up and scale it. 


Q. You started working at Aviatrix in February 2022. What can you say about your Aviatrix adventure to date?  
A. Working at Aviatrix has been very fulfilling and fun. We are truly leading a new area—collaborating closely with enterprise customers, building the product with amazing talent, and finding ways to be more innovative and creative to solve the toughest of challenges. Naturally, working in a startup environment has its challenges. However, this has also been a tremendous benefit as I get to wear multiple hats, which has allowed me to learn a ton and be more resourceful and bolder. 


Q. What can you share about the caliber of people on your team? 
A. The company has attracted an exceptionally talented pool of engineers and product team spanning various big tech companies. I am impressed with the technical expertise that they bring to the table. Most importantly, having a highly collaborative culture is what drives our success. This is what I admire most.  


Q. What do you like most about the company so far and your role?  
A. The company’s direction, leadership vision, and customer-first approach make Aviatrix a standout. What I enjoy most about my role is having a truly collective partnership with customers, helping them to build and scale our products, and being enabled to pivot and act quickly. 


Q. Is there anything else you would like to mention that a prospective employee (or someone looking to join your team) may find interesting? 
A. Aviatrix is a great company for those who are seeking a new challenge and want to be part of a team that values innovation and creative ways to solve problems. If you are looking to accelerate your career with great learning opportunities, Aviatrix should be at the top of your list.  


Prior to joining Aviatrix, Kaniganti spent more than 16 years at Microsoft in senior roles, most recently serving as Principal Product Manager, Azure and Principal Network Architect, MSIT. She has earned a reputation in the industry and amongst her peers for her steadfast teamwork, collaboration, initiative, and having a keen sense when it comes to identifying and addressing gaps. A former colleague from her days at Microsoft recently bestowed top accolades, noting that Kaniganti will “leave a mark on the industry, especially in the area of mission critical, enterprise applications running in the cloud.” Connect with Kaniganti on LinkedIn here. View the Careers page for the latest Aviatrix job openings.