Purpose-built for the cloud.

Don't bring the complexity of the 90's datacenter network to the cloud.
With Aviatrix cloud network platform, you leverage the native networking
constructs in each cloud and add enterprise-class services you need - all
controlled through a single console.

Centralized Controller

Networking VPCs and VNETs don’t have to be complex. Take full control of your cloud network. No knowledge of networking command line interfaces (CLIs) needed.

  • Browser-based, point-and-click management console
  • Orchestrates both native (AWS, Azure & GCP) constructs and advanced services from Aviatrix
  • Aviatrix Gateway instances for direct connect, multi cloud, and edge connectivity
  • Makes complex networking easy for all your use cases

Operational Visibility

It’s hard to “see” your network in the cloud. Aviatrix CoPilot makes it visible to you and informs when your cloud network has issues.

  • Get a complete picture of your cloud network
  • Visualize all connectivity status, performance and latency in real-time
  • Call up monitoring, displays and alerts
  • Make informed VPC connectivity decisions
  • Share findings with colleagues and staff
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Multiple Accounts
and Clouds

Get the most out of the public cloud. Most virtual routers are from the datacenter era, forcing you to uniquely build every point-to-pont connection. Instead, operate with a cloud-native platform for all your accounts, regions, VPCs and VNETs

  • Manage multiple accounts and regions in one place
  • Network cloud regions from a global view, not point-to-point
  • Interconnect AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with the same point & click flow

Security & Compliance

Handle your part of the cloud Shared Responsibility Model. Meet your regulatory compliance requirements. Implement VPC network segmentation and isolation to reduce your blast radius.

  • Manage Security Domains (e.g, Dev, Prod, Shared Services VPCs)
  • VPC connectivity is allowed by Connection Policies
  • User friendly tags to specify network ranges for security rules
  • Easily apply firewall filters based on tags or specific address ranges, CIDR, protocols, and ports.
  • Control outbound traffic from your VPCs with egress filtering
  • Make audits easier as security policy events (and packets) can be logged to Splunk, SumoLogic, Syslog, ELK and Datadog.
  • Integration with AWS GuardDuty to block malicious activity automatically at the VPC network level

Simplify with Automation

Automate your cloud networking by delivering the network as code, rather than as a series of manually configured virtual routers. With Aviatrix, networking functionality easily becomes part of your cloud stack. No CCIE, no problem.

  • Orchestrate your network in the same way as your compute
  • Leverage DevOps processes using change and revision control
  • Controller has fully documented REST APIs
  • Easily leverage our Terraform provider and CloudFormation templates

Faster Troubleshooting

Easily handle your daily calls to fix problems. Usually the network is blamed, even when it’s not the culprit. Quickly determine if networking is the issue. Minimize downtime with faster troubleshooting.

  • Integrated diagnostic tools for easier and faster troubleshooting
  • Limited use of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Automated EC2 FlightPath tool helps identify EC2 instance connectivity problems
  • Continuous monitoring of your multi-cloud network with alerts available from the deployment dashboard
  • Move at the speed of the cloud

Integrated Analytics

Drive your cloud networking decisions with intuitive, meaningful, real-time reports. Plug in your modern tool stack for an integrated view of all your infrastructure.

  • Integrated monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive syslog for network statistics, policy violations and more
  • API integration with modern cloud tools: Splunk, SumoLogic, Syslog, ELK and Datadog.
  • Robust API to easily integrate with Netflow and CloudWatch


Marketplace AMI

Aviatrix Controller

Can be deployed in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Billing Options

Pricing options for "pay-as-you-go" (on your monthly bill) or BYOL.

Aviatrix Gateways

Software deployed by the Controller as instances in your VPCs and VNETs

Solutions & Use Cases Supported

Next-Gen Transit Network, Egress Security, User VPN, High performance Encryption, Site to Cloud, Firewall Network, and Hosted App access

Cloud Providers Supported

AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle


API, Terraform Provider and CloudFormation support