How do I resolve conflicts with data center IP and public cloud IP address ranges using Aviatrix?

Overlapping IP addresses is a common occurrence across on premises datacenter and public cloud regions. Enterprises are faced with this problem mainly due to lack of planning prior to cloud adoption.

In other cases, even organizations with well-planned IP allocations have faced this situation when IT has to merge resources associated with recent acquisitions. Finally, companies providing cloud hosted apps and services need to connect their cloud environment to many customer environments – they often face overlapping IP addresses issues with their target environments.

Our customers have used the Aviatrix solution’s 2-way NAT-ting capability to overcome this issue. Aviatrix makes this complex networking task extremely easy with a software defined approach and point and click interface. To accomplish this in the Aviatrix Controller UI, when creating a Site-to-Cloud connection, use the “Mapped Connection” option.

Note: While referred to as Site-to-Cloud, this is the feature you’d also use for Cloud-to-Cloud and for Site-to-Site connections.

Enabling this “Mapped Connection” feature will switch the source and destination IP addresses of all packets going through the tunnel to a different IP space (as defined on the UI). This NAT-ting feature can also be used for public IP spaces.

Here is a screenshot of how to use the Mapped Connection feature:

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