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How to move workloads to the cloud for highly regulated companies?

For regulated companies, how can you move workloads to the cloud while ensuring data privacy? What steps can you take to minimize the potential for data breaches in the cloud? Furthermore, How can you make sure that security standards are actually implemented?

Aviatrix Cloud Networking is secured by default, meaning that VPCs in your AWS infrastructure are not connected by default, and instead are connected when you decide based on policy or as your design decisions dictate. Furthermore, every Aviatrix Gateway, which serves as the entry point for that VPC, can apply security policies that determine what elements are allowed to connect in or out of that VPC.

Aviatrix Cloud Networking is also encrypted by default. Every peering connection is provisioned utilizing IPSEC tunnels between VCPs. This ensures the data will always be encrypted while in transit, and ensure that encryption standards are always implemented — avoiding risks resulting from human error when deploying secure communication flows.

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