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Modernize Hybrid Cloud Networking 

Aviatrix Hybrid Cloud Networking offers two solutions that enable the extension of the cloud operational model to edge locations, providing essential capabilities such as high-performance encryption, network security, operations, troubleshooting, and infrastructure automation. By leveraging Aviatrix  Cloud Edge, organizations can seamlessly extend their operations to edge locations, ensuring a consistent and secure cloud experience across the entire network infrastructure.

Aviatrix Edge for Enterprise 

Secure Edge for Enterprise is for private data centers, distribution centers, manufacturing locations, factories, warehouses, and large branch offices.

The primary use case is high-performance encryption between the cloud and the data center or other facility requiring high-capacity networking. Additional value includes operations and troubleshooting to reduce MTTR and VLAN to cloud network segmentation. The primary underlying transport is private cloud interconnect services such as AWS Direct Connect or Azure ExpressRoute, but they also support high-speed broadband or DIA services.

Aviatrix Secure Edge for Data Center

Aviatrix Edge for Equinix

Aviatrix Secure Edge for Equinix is a software-defined solution that enables the deployment of Aviatrix Secure Edge software on an Equinix Network Edge platform. It offers high-performance, encrypted connections to cloud, multicloud, or hybrid environments. Deployment can be done via the Equinix marketplace or on Equinix Metal, taking only minutes instead of months. This solution provides enhanced security, visibility, and control for critical applications.
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Unify Your Network, Simplify Your Operations

Aviatrix Edge Networking simplifies connectivity across your enterprise by transforming your cloud networking architecture- expand your network beyond traditional data centers to include co-locations, provider locations, and branch offices.

Seamless expansion

Empower seamless, secure expansion from cloud to physical locations, unifying your network for growth and resilience with confidence.

Reduce complexity

Simplify multicloud networking, reducing complexity and cost through centralized control, enhanced security, and operational efficiency.

Flexible deployment

Versatile cloud networking deployment enhances flexibility and eliminates hardware dependence for strategic resource utilization.

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"Nothing comes close to Aviatrix’s throughput regarding encrypted traffic."

Secure more, spend less.

Aviatrix Cloud Networking optimizes and predicts cloud costs, delivering hard-dollar savings of 30%* to networking spend in cloud environments.