Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress

Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Secure Egress is a centrally managed outbound NAT solution that embeds application visibility, geo-blocking, and industry-leading threat detection throughout your entire cloud network, resulting in superior MTTR, MTTD, and reduced costs.


Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Secure Egress supports automated, rapid deployment, be it at global scale, a single region, or just one application at a time. Aviatrix Secure Egress protects your cloud applications where it matters most – anywhere they face the Internet in cloud.

Close the Solution Gap with Embedded Security

A distributed cloud firewall is a firewall solution purpose-built for cloud networks. It secures incoming and outgoing traffic within the cloud network to protect cloud applications and services from unauthorized access and threats. Aviatrix offers two unique solutions:

  1. Distributed Cloud Firewall for Secure Egress secures outbound traffic from the cloud network to prevent unauthorized or malicious access to external resources, and an incredibly easy way to improve your security posture.
  2. Distributed Cloud Firewall secures overall network security within the cloud environment.



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What makes this unique?

One of the unique features for Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress is embedding deep visibility, geo-blocking, and industry-leading threat detection to the entire cloud network in a distributed fashion, providing superior Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) with reduced costs.

This firewall for egress solution also eliminates the need for traffic to be unnaturally routed to centralized inspection points, which reduces data transfer costs compared to costly cloud-native solutions. It also facilitates central management, automation, and policy enforcement without re-architecting applications or cloud networks, making it operationally seamless, easy to deploy, and scalable.

Finally, what makes Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress unique is the advanced security capabilities such as URL/FQDN filtering, Layer 4 visibility, transparent MITM decryption, reputation-based threat detection and prevention, and advanced threat detection with Suricata3. Combined with reduced operational complexity, faster response time, and centralized management, these capabilities ensure maximum application uptime and customer satisfaction.


Higher Performance at a Lower Cost

Redefine cloud network security with the Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress filtering solution. By replacing native NAT gateways, this innovative solution delivers superior throughput while minimizing compute requirements, resulting in significant cost savings. Secure egress URL filtering ensures robust protection for your network. When designing a secure egress solution, consider availability, manageability, performance, and cost factors to ensure seamless alignment with your business and technical requirements.

On-Demand TechTalk | Enhance Cloud Security. Lower Your TCO. Keep Your Architecture.

Compared to cloud-native options, Firewall for Egress reduces data transfer costs by eliminating traffic routing to central inspection points. View this on-demand tech talk to learn how Aviatrix provides distributed cloud security solutions that offer centralized control, automatic threat prevention, and deep visibility without architectural changes, reducing costs and improving response time.

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Customer Success

Secure Egress replaces native NAT gateways to provide high throughput and deliver secure egress URL filtering.

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The Aviatrix solution provides us a scalable, repeatable way to design where new pods of connectivity can be onboarded in minutes and we can easily insert our firewalls between segments of the cloud that require the extra security.

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