Distributed Threat Visibility and Control
Built into the Network

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ThreatIQ Network Behavior Analytics

Fingerprints workload and network traffic behavior to deliver actionable Intelligence highlighting any indicator of compromise. Quickly locate and remediate anomalous behavior which could be the result of data exfiltration, lateral movement, new ports/protocols, DDoS attacks, port scan detection, or unencrypted traffic flows

  • Continuous Network Behavior Analysis secures cloud workloads
  • Identifies and alerts on anomalous behavior that exceeds thresholds
  • Learns and improves over time with adjustable thresholds
  • Minimizes time and effort in locating and resolving cloud-based-threats
  • View Solution Brief – Network Behavior Analytics

ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard

Many public cloud customers are unaware of their compromised workloads being used for botnet operations and crypto mining. ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard embeds security across the Aviatrix multi-cloud data plane enabling every network node to provide security inspection, alerting and enforcement.

  • Monitors, identifies, and blocks all traffic to malicious sites
  • Network traffic is analyzed in real-time by every Aviatrix gateway – eliminating the need to route traffic through single choke points
  • Provides real-time threat visibility across the entire network
  • Complements native cloud security offerings and existing Next Gen Firewalls
Aviatrix is a critical part of our architecture that enables us to deliver new business capabilities while layering in enhanced security natively into our multi-cloud networking infrastructure.
Dallas Thornton, Director, Digital Services at PACCAR

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