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3 Great Customer Examples of Implementing a Cloud Network Backbone 

As a 30+ year veteran in the networking business, I can attest to the fact that the enterprise network backbone has been the foundation of network architecture for decades. And now, as business-critical applications move from the data center to the cloud, enterprises are rethinking backbone network architecture. With cloud as the new center of gravity, enterprise IT teams have reached the limits of their ability to manage native cloud services while maintaining the required performance, security, and visibility. Additional demands to bring agility and automation to cloud infrastructure have pushed enterprise IT to the forefront of cloud and networking conversations. 


Here we highlight three organizations that have embraced Aviatrix’s cloud network backbone solution to simplify their multicloud networking needs:   


Yara, a global crop nutrition company that produces, distributes, and sells fertilizers and related industrial products, needed a secure multicloud networking solution. They quickly noticed that native cloud networking services were overly complex and lacked multicloud operational visibility and control. They also required consistent visibility and security within and across their multiple public clouds to mitigate threats and troubleshoot faster. With Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking, Yara streamlined its multicloud operations by providing advanced networking, security, and operational visibility services. Aviatrix AirSpace delivered a consistent multicloud network backbone and simplified expansion plans for additional clouds.  


Another great example of delivering a secure, repeatable multicloud networking solution comes from Adobe | Workfront. This Adobe technology company develops web-based software to help enterprises with workflow, document, and portfolio management. Highly dependent on business-critical applications in the cloud, they found their native cloud constructs were complex and incompatible with each other as they grew. Adobe Workfront needed a scalable and consistent operational model across its multiple public clouds to quickly respond to threats and troubleshoot faster. With Aviatrix CoPilot, Adobe Workfront has a global operational view of its entire multicloud network.  


Finally, to meet its needs at the edge, IHG Hotels & Resorts used Aviatrix and Equinix® to introduce a performance hub architecture that sits in every region, in every public cloud, and with every partner. Through Equinix’s partnership with Aviatrix, IHG built a mesh network across its global regions to quickly deploy new landing zones and public clouds with their networking construct. The Aviatrix and Equinix collaboration extends the cloud operational model of Aviatrix out through Equinix’s global fabric – granting IHG agility and simplicity across the globe.  


Cloud networking should be simple. Using Aviatrix’s cloud network backbone solution allows you to start simple and scale as you grow. Learn more today: