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Aviatrix Blog

Around the World with ACE: Design Experts Candidates Take to Munich

The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) community is now more global than ever, with over 17,000 certified members spanning 180 countries. Perhaps nothing evidenced this better than the recent ACE Multi-Cloud Network Design Expert (DE) workshop, which took place in Munich, Germany in spring 2022.

The ACE DE panel of judges flew to Bavaria to meet with candidates from Hungary, the UK, Poland, and wider Germany for the DE presentation segment of the certification program.

The DE level is the highest of the ACE certifications, and is of course, the most challenging. For their assessment, DE candidates are asked to design and defend a highly available, scalable, and secure multi-cloud architecture with an operating model extending to both on-prem and edge locations without compromised network performance.

Participants in this round of presentations came from a range of different companies, including the IT provider of Germany’s flag carrier airline and one of the country’s most popular car brands.

Commenting on the multinational nature of the ACE community, Shahzad Ali, VP of Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix, said that:

“The ACE community has shown strong global growth since its inception two years ago, and it was exciting to see that in Munich. The event was a great success, and we’re looking forward to the next round of ACE-DE workshops and meeting more of our growing ACE community.”

Other ACE-DE presentations have been teed up to take place throughout the year in the US and Europe. Click here to find out more.

Why ACE?

The ACE program has caught the attention of cloud architects all around the world. One of the Munich candidates, Attila Bakos, a Cloud Architect at Lufthansa Systems, commented that the ACE program, compared to other certifications, is far better focused on the multi-cloud approach. “Other providers focus mainly on their own solutions,” he explained. “But Aviatrix’s ACE program gives you exposure to all the major CSPs.”

Shinob Choorikkadan, an ACE and network architect in the mining industry, said that “The skills I learned through the ACE program are already helping me to be more effective in my current role, and I believe the certification will also help me progress more quickly on my career path. With the ability to troubleshoot cloud networking issues and the automation of infrastructure management at scale, I can provide greater value to my employer by helping to reduce operational costs.”

How do I join the ACE program?

To learn more about the ACE program, click here.