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Gain the Skills to Become a Star Team Member: Sign Up for the Redesigned ACE Associate Training

Designing and maintaining a robust cloud network is like any sport. Enterprises need more than resources – they need a team of skilled people who work well together. Unfortunately, finding the right people to join cloud networking teams is harder than ever. In a recent survey of over 400 cloud networking professionals, 62.6% of respondents reported their company has struggled to hire the necessary candidates to support cloud initiatives within their organization. 


If you want to become the kind of team member who helps your team thrive, you need skill. While you can learn many tactical skills on the job, you need holistic, comprehensive cloud networking knowledge to understand design best practices and find long-term solutions to issues.  


The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program has helped more than 25,000 people gain that foundational knowledge by providing online training tailored for cloud networking professionals. The recent redesign of the foundational course, ACE Associate, makes it easier and faster than ever to build essential cloud skills. Industry experts and instructional designers collaborated to preserve the course’s in-depth content while using adult learning strategies to help students understand, remember, and apply key cloud networking principles.  


The new course’s interactive, easy-to-follow format makes it accessible and useful for cloud networking beginners and those experienced with the industry. Learners will:  


  • Review a brief history of the shift from on-premises to cloud networking  
  • Understand the basic native networking capabilities of the primary cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) 
  • Compare CSP native networking offerings and identify their limitations 
  • Discuss native CSP constraints in visibility, control, and optimizing cloud costs when it comes to cloud networking 
  • Learn how the shift to the cloud has created new possibilities and risks for security 
  • Explore alternative solutions to enhance your visibility and global monitoring capabilities, ensuring streamlined and effective troubleshooting across your cloud network 


Want to build the necessary skills to become a star member of a cloud networking team? Sign up for the ACE Associate cloud networking training today. It’s free! 


Questions? See the ACE homepage or get in touch with us at [email protected].