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Helping Network Engineers Become Heroes in Cloud Networking

Network Engineers that moved into the Cloud! Photo by Lino Ogenio on Unsplash 
Network Engineers that moved into the Cloud! Photo by Lino Ogenio on Unsplash 

By Gino Mommers and Brad Hedlund  


In recent years, businesses have been transitioning from traditional on-prem IT infrastructure to cloud, seeking speed and agility that the on-prem operating model cannot provide. The cloud footprint has grown tremendously, and in most cases now even includes mission-critical workloads. This growth has resulted in networking and security becoming more challenging and time consuming for cloud teams to manage themselves.  


This presents a huge opportunity for on-prem networking engineers to step up and become heroes in the cloud. With the right skills and tools, on-prem networking teams can help cloud teams overcome networking challenges and achieve their desired goals.   


What’s important to understand, however, is the on-prem operating model will not work in the cloud. Coming to cloud teams with this approach will remind them of the days they had to consume on-prem infrastructure with a slow on-prem operating model. This approach will damage trust and push cloud teams away. Network engineers that are able to transform their “on-prem networking and security skills” to “cloud networking and security skills” will become relevant to cloud teams and boost their careers. In this blog post you will read how Aviatrix can provides you the right tools, resources, and training to become heroes in the cloud. 


From a Technology Standpoint How Aviatrix Can Help 


The enterprise network backbone has been the foundation of network architecture for decades, but as business-critical applications move from the data center to cloud, enterprises are rethinking backbone network architecture. In the past, cloud was simply another “thing” that needed to be connected to the enterprise network backbone. Today, with cloud as the enterprise IT center of gravity, cloud networking skills are more important than ever and there are a few solutions to simplify your journey.  

Aviatrix offers a cloud network backbone as the starting point for building a cloud network with enterprise visibility and control. Architecturally, a cloud network backbone takes advantage of your existing skills and global infrastructure to reduce inter-region latency, reduce routing complexity, and establish a consistent multicloud operational model in and across clouds. 


This solution is designed to help network engineers easily extend their on-prem network to the cloud, secure and manage network traffic between on-prem and cloud resources, and simplify complex network topologies. With Aviatrix, network engineers can automate network management, ensure security and compliance across their hybrid cloud network, and enhance their ability to manage their infrastructure. 


Cloud Orchestration 


Operationally, cloud allows networking teams to “shift left” with infrastructure as code (IaC) automation, bringing cloud agility and automation to the network backbone, while maintaining the infrastructure visibility and control required to support business-critical applications in the cloud. Aviatrix integrates with popular cloud orchestration platforms such as Terraform, so network engineers can leverage familiar tools to manage their hybrid cloud network. With Terraform, network engineers can manage IaC, automate the deployment and management of the network, and streamline cloud networking operations. Aviatrix also integrates with ServiceNow, which provides a centralized platform for IT service management. This integration helps network engineers automate IT processes, improve the overall efficiency of their IT organization, and deliver faster and better IT services. 


Global Operational Visibility and Control  


As many know, network management and security in the cloud are completely different than on-prem. With Aviatrix CoPilot, network engineers can monitor and troubleshoot the cloud network in real time, identify and resolve issues quickly, and ensure reliability and performance. 

Aviatrix CoPilot provides network engineers with visibility and troubleshooting tools essential for managing their global cloud networking operations. This helps network engineers to be more efficient, improve their problem-solving skills, and provide better service to their customers. 


From a Training Perspective How Aviatrix Can Help 


Most enterprises (64%) struggle to hire or train staff with the necessary skills to properly design and implement an effective and future-proof multicloud network architecture. Many have networking expertise versus cloud skills, but cloud networking is a new era. 


Aviatrix offers the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, which provides network engineers with the training and certification they need to be experts in cloud networking across all platforms – including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and more. With more than 23,000 technical experts already trained, the ACE Program covers best practices for deploying and managing a native cloud network and is recognized as a benchmark of excellence in cloud networking. By obtaining ACE certification, network engineers can enhance their skills, demonstrate their expertise, and boost their careers. 


Business-Critical Applications Require Business-Critical Infrastructure  


Aviatrix provides a robust platform to run mission-critical applications in the cloud. For example, many organizations use Aviatrix to run SAP in the cloud. Aviatrix has been tested and verified to work seamlessly with SAP applications and provides automated SAP resource discovery and troubleshooting tools in Aviatrix CoPilot. This helps network engineers to ensure the reliability and performance of mission-critical applications in the cloud and to deliver better services to their customers. With Aviatrix, network engineers can manage the network connectivity for their SAP applications in the cloud, provide secure and seamless access to SAP from on-prem and cloud resources, and improve the overall performance of their SAP applications. 


Next Steps in Becoming the Cloud Networking Hero 


As with any new technology or transformation, opportunities emerge for those who recognize and take advantage of them. Be the business hero by extending your networking expertise to the cloud teams and leverage the resources available to help you get started on your cloud journey. Aviatrix and our extended ecosystem make great partners in cloud networking, and we want you to be the cloud networking hero your organization is looking for. 


If you’d like help getting started, contact us. We’re glad to help you on your way.