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How secure is your multi-cloud infrastructure?

Use our checklist to find the answer

With the enterprise’s increasing needs for agility, flexibility, and cost-effective scalability, many organizations are turning to multi-cloud networking. However, not all are following the right strategies to secure their multi-cloud environments. Multi-cloud networks are more complex and diverse than on-premises architectures and have more attack surfaces for bad actors to exploit. Native public cloud networks don’t provide the deep visibility into network activity that these environments require. It’s no wonder then, that multi-cloud organizations report more security incidents than those using a single platform1.


Our Checklist for Building a Secure Multi-Cloud Network includes the essential components of securing a multi-cloud architecture. Must-have elements include:


  • High-Performance End-to-End Encryption between VPCs/VNets and between clouds to ensure your data in motion is always protected.


  • Multi-Cloud Network Segmentation, where instead of having one firewall as a perimeter around your network, security is embedded throughout your network through secure, consistent network segmentation across cloud environments and boundaries.


  • Threat Intelligence Feeds across your network – not just in isolated pockets – so you can see real-time streams of data about potential or immediate risks that could impact any node in your entire multi-cloud architecture.


  • Secure Cloud Ingress and Egress Controls, with L4 and Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) filtering.


  • Multi-Cloud Network Service Insertion so you can have a secure point of access for network and security services.


  • Operational Visibility so security teams can easily visualize cloud network traffic patterns, trends, and anomalies.


  • Automated Remediation to save time and resources, eliminate delay, and ensure that security policies are applied consistently without forcing IT to exert restrictive control.


Download the full checklist to learn more about the importance of having these components to secure today’s multi-cloud network. To learn more about how Aviatrix delivers the full range of capabilities described in the checklist, schedule a demo today.


[1] “The State of Cloud Security 2020,” Sophos, July 2020, https://secure2.sophos.com/en-us/content/state-of-cloud-security.aspx