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Benefits of Building Security into the Cloud Network: Lessons from Inmarsat, Raytheon, and PipelineRx

Navigating the complexities of secure cloud networking can be a daunting task for IT teams. As cloud adoption continues to expand across the enterprise, IT faces daily increases in security risks, performance requirements, business critical application migrations to cloud, and cost variables. Traditional networking approaches fall short in providing the agility, resiliency, and security required for today’s cloud environments.  


Aviatrix is the only company that builds security directly into the fabric of the entire cloud network, delivering enterprise-grade networking with cloud-like speed, resiliency, and agility. Unlike traditional networking approaches that bolt on security as an afterthought, Aviatrix integrates security as a fundamental aspect of cloud networking. 


Aviatrix has successfully helped customers like Inmarsat, Raytheon, and PipelineRx navigate the complexities of cloud networking to enhance their security posture: 



Inmarsat, a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, needed a way to integrate various solutions from multiple cloud providers while ensuring ironclad security. Aviatrix provided a simplified approach to connecting Palo Alto Networks VM series firewalls in their Amazon Web Services (AWS) network, while also providing data plane telemetry offering insights into events at the application, security, and network layers. 


Additionally, Aviatrix’s secure cloud networking architecture with FireNet helped Inmarsat resolve stability issues in their existing transit VPC design and provided a simple, scalable, and repeatable design for new pods of connectivity to be onboarded in minutes. 


“In an afternoon, I had the Aviatrix with FireNet deployed, and the next day we migrated over all the VPCs using the Aviatrix controller. And we haven’t had that problem since then,” said Sheldon Parsons, Senior Network Engineer at Inmarsat. 



Raytheon, a major defense contractor, needed a standardized network architecture that could be easily replicated across multiple clouds to ensure consistent security and compliance. Aviatrix provided granular visibility and control over network traffic, allowing Raytheon to segment and microsegment its applications for increased security. 


Aviatrix enabled Raytheon to implement a Zero Trust security model, ensuring that every device and user was verified before being granted access to resources. Aviatrix also helped automate network deployment, reducing the time it took to deploy new applications from weeks to just a few hours.  



PipelineRx, a healthcare technology company, needed a unified and standardized network infrastructure across its multicloud environment to enhance security and compliance. Aviatrix enabled PipelineRx to segment its network and implement strict security policies based on the principle of least privilege. 


With Aviatrix, PipelineRx could enforce security policies consistently across all clouds, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. Aviatrix also provided granular visibility into network traffic, allowing the company to detect and respond to security incidents quickly. Aviatrix’s centralized console provided PipelineRx with a single pane of glass for managing its network infrastructure, simplifying network administration and troubleshooting. 



Navigating the complexities of secure cloud networking can be challenging, and too often, bolt-on security solutions fail to protect your architecture. Aviatrix is the only company to build security directly into the fabric of the entire cloud network.  


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