Aviatrix Certified Engineer Multicloud Network Associate - Flight School Bridge Training

The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program is the industry’s first and only multicloud networking certification. Its comprehensive trainings and specialized courses provide a deep understanding of how to build, operate, automate, scale, and secure cloud networks across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The ACE Program equips participants with best practices that span all major cloud providers, regardless of whether they use Aviatrix secure cloud networking.


The 90-minute Flight School Bridge Training is an exclusive offer for those who have attended Flight School to get certified as an ACE Associate with no exam.


This training will cover the remaining topics required to get the ACE Associate certificate. The ACE Associate certification will allow you to take other advanced courses in the ACE Program, such as ACE Automation, ACE Operations, and ACE Professional.


Course Format and System Requirements

The course is instructor-led virtual format with lecture content, demos, and labs.


90 minutes

Course Objectives

This training will cover a secure cloud networking design for a real-world public-facing application. This public-facing application will also leverage both L4 and L7 Load Balancers. Students will walk through scenarios explaining all components, including the end-to-end traffic flow. The instructor will then show the deep visibility and operational capabilities embedded within the Aviatrix secure cloud networking software.


  • Understand how different types of load balancers impact traffic flow
  • Simplify the NGFW Service insertion with the Aviatrix FireNet framework
  • Learn about the Aviatrix policy model to selectively inspect the traffic using the NGFW
  • Understand the micro-segmentation and network segmentation to provide granular security control and air-gapped deployment

Intended Audience

This training was created for all past Aviatrix Flight School attendees.


  • Cloud Architects  
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Network Architects
  • Network Engineers
  • Operations Teams 
  • DevOps Teams 


Basic knowledge of networking and security concepts is helpful but not required. 

No public cloud accounts or instances are required for this course. 

ACE Associate Comprehensive Guide

View and download the ACE Associate Guide

Upcoming Bridge Trainings

  • The Flight School Bridge Training Program will return in August 2023!

The ACE certification has had a very positive impact on my career trajectory. The training has allowed me to better understand the ever-changing multicloud world which has helped me become a more effective network engineer.
Dinesh Mathiyazhagan
Cloud Networking Engineer
Software Industry