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CloudN EoS/EoL Notice

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Aviatrix announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the CloudN product/software. The last date to order the product was October 31st, 2023. Please refer to the following tables for the end-of-support and end-of-life date for the CloudN product. The notice covers the affected software that is EOL and migration options.


CloudN End of Product Milestones

Milestone Description Date
End-of-Sale Last date to order CloudN product and software October 2023
End-of-software support Last controller version to support managed CloudN is 7.1.3006. 7.1.3006 Release date January, 2024
End-of-life CloudN end of life beyond which the product is no longer supported. October 31st, 2024


Affected Product

CloudN software that is deployed as

  1. Standalone CloudN
  2. Managed CloudN or CloudN as a Gateway (CaaG)
  3. Associated CloudN licenses listed as S2C license.


Migration Option

Aviatrix has been making significant investment in the Secure Edge product area and will continue the development focus for Edge. The use cases for Edge cover deployment at customer on-premises locations and Equinix environments to take advantage of Aviatrix platform and network architecture for a cloud capable Edge.  Please find information about Aviatrix Secure Edge, deployment options and capabilities here: Aviatrix Secure Edge Connectivity :: Documentation

We encourage customers to start planning migration to Edge from CloudN. Please work with Aviatrix account team and support to prepare and plan for migration to Edge.