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Aviatrix Network Insights API

The Aviatrix Network Insights API simplifies the process of navigating network interface statistics and micro-gateway status data. By integrating this API with your visualization platforms (with vendors you already know and love!), you can easily make data-driven decisions. The API provides direct access to advanced telemetry data from our Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform, making it easier to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights.



Network Insights API is the Key to Application Network Performance

Comprehensive visibility

API access to advanced telemetry unlocks your cloud networking potential, ensuring optimal network performance and a strong security posture.

Streamlined integration

Seamlessly integrates with superior analytics tools, simplifying complex networks, and making data stories accessible.

Operational excellence

Drive operational excellence, ensuring efficiency, regulatory compliance, and insightful cloud application performance.


“Importantly for Audi, Network Insights API enables consolidation of network metrics from multiple cloud providers tailored for our applications. It provides the network management team with real-time data for quicker, informed decision-making – all without requiring us to log into additional tools,” said Ryan Wiley, Technical Lead at Audi AG. ”With Network Insights API, Aviatrix delivered the exact solution we were seeking.”  

Advanced telemetry access

Streamlined access to advanced telemetry for meaningful data integration, enhancing operational efficiency and cloud performance.

Easy activation

Ensures clear, complete visibility across cloud networks, easing data integration with major visualization tools like New Relic, Grafana, and Datadog.

Total cloud health

Health dashboards offer real-time insights for seamless network management, enhancing performance, reliability, and driving proactive decision-making for our customers.

Why Aviatrix Network Insights API? 

Leverage our expertise in cloud networking for enhanced observability, precise network performance, and collaborative incident management.

Simplify Cloud Networking.

Your path to thriving in the cloud starts here.