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Aviatrix Blog

Aviatrix Acquires a Unique Blend of AWS Networking and Security Competencies 

The AWS community of independent software vendors (ISVs) is the most customer-centric in the world and brilliantly extends the reach of the AWS cloud, providing customers more choice and bringing the power of joint innovation to customers’ doorsteps.  


AWS has aggressively continued to invest in developing this vibrant community of software providers as customers see it as critical to their success. The AWS competency program validates partners’ credibility and proven track record of customer success in securing the cloud journey with their software and services offerings. 


We’re happy to share today that Aviatrix is not only the pioneer in Secure Cloud Networking, but also one of the very few AWS ISVs that have both the Network Software Competency and Security Software Competency.  


We at Aviatrix acquired our initial security competency about 18 months ago. However, AWS recently re-launched its AWS Security Competency, introducing more stringent requirements and new, consolidated categories (application security, compliance and privacy, data protection, identity and access management, infrastructure protection, threat detection and response) to help customers more easily discover AWS partner solutions validated by AWS. Aviatrix’s Security Software Competency accreditation is in the all-important Network SecurityPolicy Management (NSPM) and Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) specialty, which fall under the infrastructure protection category.  


AWS was instrumental in guiding us along the way to achieve this security competency. Partner teams including ISV, Co-sell, Marketplace and Competency Validation teams were fantastic to work with, and demonstrated the utmost focus on customer-centric value and out of the box innovation to help joint customers.


What’s So Unique About Aviatrix? 


As customers migrate their business-critical applications to the cloud, security, compliance, and managing risk are top of mind for all enterprises. Moreover, the application landscape and traffic patterns in the cloud are very different compared to on-prem, fixed perimeter-based environments. While many traditional vendors have taken the lift-and-shift approach to move their security products into the cloud, the very fact that cloud is distributed in nature poses a sub-optimal security posture for customers.  


Unlike these legacy vendors’ approaches, Aviatrix is redefining cloud security with an embedded security model, where inspection and policy enforcement happen in the natural path of the application traffic – thus eliminating the need to redirect traffic to centralized firewalls or other network security services. This solution improves network security, scalability, and agility, while reducing costs for any single or multicloud environment.   


The AWS Security Software Competency process validated Aviatrix’s security capabilities against stringent security benchmarks that set the standard for credibility in the NSPM and NGFW categories. Key areas that AWS’ assessment found Aviatrix to be highly innovative and impactful for customers include: 


  • The Aviatrix centralized security policy model that manages Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, as well as VPCs’ native security groups in AWS, and extends to other clouds in a consistent, repeatable manner. 


  • Security anomaly detection based on learned baselines such as catching abnormal trends, DDoS, geofencing, etc. 


  • Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall Layer-7 capabilities with end-to-end visibility, which allows enterprises to build a security posture that is most effective for distributed application traffic while helping optimize cloud costs. Not paying for NAT data process charges and saving cost on traditional NFGWs are good examples that can significantly reduce an organization’s cloud bill. 


Choosing the Innovative Path Forward 


“Customer obsession” and “customer-centric innovation” are two principles both Aviatrix and AWS share to help their customers realize tremendous success with their cloud journey. Aviatrix’s Security Software Competency accreditation is a perfect example of how AWS and Aviatrix are coming together to help customers secure their application transactions in cloud. 


Aviatrix has a rich set of security capabilities that are embedded in the fabric of the network, providing security teams more control while achieving higher performance, better visibility, and significant cost efficiencies.  


These features include: 

  • Secure Egress filtering  
  • Threat protection  
  • Anomaly detection  
  • End-to-end and high-performance encryption  
  • Service insertion of 3rd party security devices  
  • Cloud network segmentation  
  • Geo blocking 


Aviatrix continues to innovate at a rapid pace in the security space. The latest announcement of the first ever Distributed Cloud Firewall is a testament to the rapid innovation Aviatrix is bringing to market for AWS customers. 


With Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, a centralized, programmable interface creates policies wherever required across AWS and hybrid, multicloud environments. Cloud-aware policy creation is simpler and streamlined, leveraging dynamic cloud workload identity tags and attributes instead of static IP addresses. It also abstracts how and where policies are enforced by programmatically configuring native cloud services where required.  


If you’d like to explore Aviatrix’s security capabilities, join us at an upcoming event such as AWS Summits in D.C. and New York, or schedule an exploratory call.