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Aviatrix Blog

Aviatrix® Simplifies Diagnosis of Application Network Performance with New Network Insights API

Aviatrix Network Insights API, Leveraging Prometheus, Makes Integration with Leading Observability Platforms Easy, Benefitting Cloud Operations and Application Development Teams

Santa Clara, Calif., April 17, 2024 –  Aviatrix®, the cloud networking expert, today announced general availability of the new Aviatrix Network Insights API added to its management interface, Aviatrix CoPilot. The shift to multicloud and hybrid environments has introduced significant complexities in network status and performance monitoring, for which traditional tools are ill-equipped. Aviatrix’s unique approach grants comprehensive control over the cloud data plane, offering an unparalleled vantage point for monitoring network traffic and performance. With Aviatrix Network Insights API, businesses are now able to access and leverage that insight through their existing observability tools. 


Aviatrix is already used by hundreds of organizations globally to bring the observability of critical traffic and route availability metrics to network engineering teams, helping organizations move application workloads to the public cloud across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). At the request of customers who also use application monitoring platforms for their cloud operations, incident management, and app development teams, Aviatrix now adds support for OpenMetrics standards. More than 40 observability vendors now support Prometheus and OpenMetrics. As a first step, Aviatrix is providing a Prometheus endpoint collector. 


In many industries, it is not unusual to find large AWS and Azure customers running hundreds if not thousands of workloads on the cloud, distributed and segregated across multiple cloud provider regions. Each workload is often mapped to a set of accounts and a set of virtual private clouds (VPCs), which are often connected to shared services both within the cloud, in other clouds, and on-premise. This presents a need for detailed visibility both within a single cloud, across clouds, and between cloud and on-premise to monitor full application performance and health. 


Network engineering, cloud operations, and app development teams all need to have the right level of fine-grained visibility to network traffic and routes, but each tend to use different tools. As a result, the rich traffic insights in Aviatrix CoPilot – previously available in a UI as well as through cloud service provider tools including AWS CloudWatch and Azure Log Analytics – need to be callable by New Relic and other leading observability tools. Cost constrained customers cannot keep adding staff, but instead seek to gain greater productivity and cost efficiency by enabling small, centralized teams to support hundreds of application workloads and sustain the right level of performance and availability. Aviatrix’s launch of Aviatrix Network Insights API marks a significant advancement in cloud network application management, offering cloud administrators a powerful tool for seamlessly accessing network data to third-party analytics and visualization platforms. 


“Network visibility is essential for organizations to eliminate interruptions to their digital business,” said Siva Padisetty, Chief Technology Officer at New Relic. “The new Network Insights API from Aviatrix has enabled a quick integration between our platforms, empowering our joint customers to better achieve performance outcomes holistically, including addressing network issues.”

Aviatrix Network Insights API provides fine-grained access to a broader set of advanced telemetry and network metrics not provided by cloud APIs. Designed for seamless integration with popular platforms like New Relic and Grafana, Network Insights API facilitates publishing the specific network characteristics a network operations team wants to see, providing deeper understanding of network performance and security for a workload at a given point in time. Network Insights API provides simplified access to over a dozen network performance characteristics, including packet drop rates, bandwidth limit exceptions, and packet-per-second limit exceptions. The new API also gives border gateway protocol (BGP) status updates on the core routing protocol run by Aviatrix on the cloud provider, one of the primary indicators for root cause diagnosing an application failure. Instead of providing a full view of all network resources in CoPilot, the network or cloud operations team responsible for a set of critical applications can more easily isolate insight on the routes, VPCs, and traffic of a given account associated to a given workload.  


“Importantly for Audi, Network Insights API enables consolidation of network metrics from multiple cloud providers, tailored for our applications. It provides the network management team with real-time data for quicker, informed decision-making – all without requiring us to log into additional tools,” said Ryan Wiley, Technical Lead at AUDI AG. “With Network Insights API, Aviatrix delivered the exact solution we were seeking.” 


“We took input in from more than 50 top Aviatrix customers over the last year, spanning financial services institutions, health and life sciences leaders, retail organizations, and government agencies across a multitude of countries. The common request was to show critical network metrics tied to specific applications and to deliver that detailed network traffic flow in the application observability tools already in use,” said Josh Cridlebaugh, Principal Product Manager at Aviatrix. “In addition to enrichening these valuable tools – because Aviatrix deploys in AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, and backbone networks provided by companies like Equinix – the visibility into traffic and availability that Aviatrix delivers is both unique and indispensable to those companies who use two or more cloud providers. That’s 85% of all organizations, according to Pluralsight. By offering real-time access to detailed network telemetry, Network Insights API enables our customers’ cloud administrators to improve their network management and security strategies while simultaneously helping application development and DevOps teams diagnose network related application issues. This improved observability will yield greater operational excellence and present additional opportunities for cost optimization.” 


Getting started with Network Insights API is simple through Aviatrix CoPilot, which is available in the AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Subscribing to CoPilot grants rights to the new Network Insights API. Cloud administrators and IT leaders can easily integrate this tool into their cloud environments to export and visualize network data with their chosen analytics platforms. For more information and to begin leveraging Aviatrix Network Insights API, visit this link or contact the support team. 


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