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Enterprise Multicloud Networking


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  1. Bridging CloudOps & DevOps: The Key to Application Network Performance

    Preventing application outages or significantly reducing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) after an application outage are shared goals across any organization. However, there has long been a blind spot between cloud networking and cloud ops, and application development and DevOps teams.     The tension stems from both sides. For cloud teams, visibility into network performance and security is…


  2. skyPurple Cloud Says Distributed Cloud Firewall Makes Aviatrix a No Brainer for Life Sciences Customers

      Approximately 4 out of 5 global IT leaders agree that current cloud approaches are creating new security risks for their enterprise (CloudBolt). It’s a belief that skyPurple Cloud, a cloud services company, is working through with its customers every day.    Serving companies primarily in life sciences, healthcare, and biotech, skyPurple Cloud provides bespoke…

    Security Firewall Network