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Tap into the resources below to learn about Aviatrix Egress FQDN Filtering. Our video tutorials, blog posts, documentation and more will help you get up to speed.  Have a specific question?  Just use the chat icon to engage with one of our experts in real-time.

Egress FQDN Filtering Introduction


Egress FQDN Filtering Deeper Dive

22 MIN

TechTalk Tuesday | Securing internet egress and ingress traffic

45 MIN

Aviatrix Egress FQDN Validated Designs

Network design patterns proven by hundreds of enterprise customers leveraging Aviatrix Egress FQDN Filtering solution

Aviatrix Egress FQDN Filtering

Solution Brief

Secure Egress with Aviatrix Egress FQDN Filtering

Aviatrix: Your Cloud Network Platform

30 MIN

Aviatrix CoPilot - Demo


Aviatrix: Your Cloud Network Platform

30 MIN

When we discovered Aviatrix, we had an immediate need to secure access to Internet-based resources from our applications in the cloud. Aviatrix was simple to deploy and delivered exactly the solution we needed.
Chris Salomon
Director of Software and Reliability Engineering at ParkMobile

Multi-Cloud Network Sandbox
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New Automated Launch Tool Creates Sandbox in Minutes for $1/hour

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How Aviatrix Egress FQDN Filtering stacks up to other alternatives.

AviatrixSquid + NAT AWS NAT Gateway
Highly Available; Fault TolerantAutomatic
Using scripts and custom monitoring code
Filter Traffic by IP AddressYesYes
PARTIAL – must update security group of each instance
(maximum 50 IPs)
Filter Traffic by FQDNYesYesNo
FQDN filtering Using WildcardsYesYesNo
Supports HTTP/HTTPS ProtocolsYesYesNo
Supports Additional Protocols
(sftp, ftp, icmp, etc.)
Egress Traffic DiscoveryYesNoNo
Central Management ConsoleYes
NO – must manage each VPC separately
Integrated Audit LoggingYesYes
PARTIAL – must use VPC flow logs
Non-Networking Engineer FriendlyYesNoYes
Terraform AutomationYesNoYes

Technical Documentation

Link to Aviatrix online documentation for deployment and configuration guidance.

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