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Josh Blatt

Vice President of Engineering

Joshua Blatt brings more than 20 years of programming and management experience in networking and software engineering. Before joining Aviatrix, Josh was at Google where he managed Istio’s core team, and also led multiple community working groups and participated as a voting member in Istio’s TOC. In this role, he launched GCP’s managed Istio offering – Anthos Service Mesh. Prior to Istio, Josh managed Google’s Linux Kernel Networking team where he was responsible for optimizing and hardening both established and emerging Internet protocols, as well as the end host components of Google’s internal traffic shaping infrastructure.


Prior to Google, Josh managed Yahoo’s CDN organization where he evolved its CDN into a multi-region cache hierarchy capable of serving many terabits per second. He led multiple infrastructure teams to replace Yahoo’s original LAMP stack with NodeJS and Java, and helped build out the company’s CI/CD infrastructure.


As a programmer, Josh specialized in C/C++ UNIX-based L3-L7 networking and security intermediaries and components, with a variety of positions ranging across early stage startups and larger companies. Josh was originally self-taught, entering the industry with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. He subsequently earned a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign while employed as a full-time programmer.

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