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Multicloud Networking: A Market Research Brief by Futuriom

Building, securing and operationalizing enterprise cloud networks with native cloud networking and advanced network and security services

“As people need more things [from the cloud], we have become more of a multi-cloud environment,From a simplicity perspective we don’t want to do things four times. We want to do it once. Simplicity of operations is key.”
Bobby Willoughby, Network Architect with Aegon

Futuriom discusses the coming multi-cloud networking boom, why multiple clouds will become key to IT strategy and how it all means big changes for networking. Receive expert insights from this comprehensive report and learn:

  • Why people will be using multiple clouds. Based on feedback from end users and industry trends, the main multi-cloud drivers are compiled and explained.
  • The key questions that enterprises should ask about their multi-cloud networking platform requirements, with a deeper dive into specific requirements.
  • How the mass shift of applications from traditional enterprise and on-premises data centers to the cloud will change how networks are built resulting in a New Networking Architecture for the Cloud.
  • What specific use cases are emerging in multi-cloud networking as the growing challenges of connecting application environments requires a new approach.
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