Aviatrix at ONUG Fall 2023: Powering the Enterprise's Cloud Journey

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Join us at ONUG Fall on October 24-25 at Chelsea Industrial, New York City.
You won’t want to miss our main stage presentation on Tuesday, October 24th at 11:55am, where Chris McHenry, Head of Security Solutions at Aviatrix, will discuss the power of a distributed cloud firewall strategy. Our PoC will be on the security stage on Tuesday, October 24th at 2:45pm, led by Saad Mirza, Sr. Director Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix.
Aviatrix is the first to offer a distributed, cloud network security solution that adds deep visibility and threat detection without rearchitecting your applications or cloud network.

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    See why customers are calling Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking a “game changer.” Sign up to meet with us to find out how we can reduce cloud spend by an average of 25% – with no architectural changes.
  • Main Stage Keynote
    Improve Cloud Cybersecurity Resiliency and Lower Cloud Networking Costs – Are outdated firewalls causing operational complexities and budgetary challenges for your cloud teams? Attend our presentation led by Chris McHenry, Head of Security Solutions, to learn how leading enterprises tackle these challenges through an innovative distributed cloud firewall strategy. Enterprises are saving tens of thousands to millions of dollars annually through this approach, calling Distributed Cloud Firewall a "game-changer" and an opportunity to redefine cloud network security.

    Oct. 24 at 11:55AM | Main Stage
  • Proof of Concept
    Exploring Policy-as-Code Based Multicloud Security – While the cloud model offers agility, the absence of proper governance often relegates security to an afterthought. Stay at the forefront of cloud networking and security by participating in our Proof of Concept led by Saad Mirza, Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture. Streamline cloud networking infrastructure and enhance security with Aviatrix through a policy-based Distributed Cloud Firewall.

    Oct. 24 at 2:45PM | Security Stage
  • Cost Savings Calculator
    Just how much money could you save each month by moving from popular cloud and firewall solutions to Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress? Find out in a few clicks and stop by our booth to review your results!
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    Get Certified in Secure Cloud Networking
    Boost your career with Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE), the first multicloud networking certification. Acquire in-depth knowledge of networking and security in multicloud environments to showcase expertise and open doors to career advancement.
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    At Aviatrix, we’re passionate about empowering the future generation of cloud networking heroes. Join The Cloud Network, a network of cloud networking experts, to connect, collaborate, cocreate, and have fun. You’ll find likeminded peers with many backgrounds, across different industries, from all around the world. Who better to learn from and grow with than those who share your passion?

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