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EP4: Managing Complexity in Multi-Cloud Operations Featuring Brad Casemore, IDC

Episode 4 - May 5, 2022 - 9am PDT

Building multi-cloud networking environments that are effective, flexible, and secure is demanding and complex. In the next episode of The Cloud Pragmatist, Aviatrix host Rod Stuhlmuller and guest Brad Casemore of analyst firm IDC will discuss how to strategically approach building network architecture across multiple clouds. 

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Key Topics Discussed

Join the conversation on May 5, 2022, at 9 a.m. PDT as Rod and Brad discuss:

  • How to plan for streamlined Day 2 Operations in multi-cloud
  • The most effective strategies for achieving visibility and control in multi-cloud environments
  • How to design a multi-cloud architecture that mitigates the skills gap

Rod and Brad will also be taking questions from the audience during this live webinar. 


About the Speakers

Rod Stuhlmuller is VP of Strategic Customer and Analyst Relations for Aviatrix. Rod has 25 years of product and corporate marketing management and field sales experience in networking, network management, network security, deep learning AI and mobile.


Brad Casemore is VP of Data Center and Multi-cloud Networking at analyst firm IDC. He covers datacenter network hardware, software, IaaS cloud-delivered network services, and related technologies, including hybrid and multi-cloud networking software, services, and transit networks. Prior to joining IDC, Brad spent nearly 25 years in the information-technology industry, holding various positions with technology companies in enterprise computing and applications, enterprise/data center networking, network security, and mobile/wireless technologies. 


About The Cloud Pragmatist Series

This series is designed to help networking and cloud architects, engineers, programmers, and developers turn networking and security challenges into opportunities. You’ll learn about the most important cloud networking trends and how to avoid costly mistakes. To catch up on what you’ve missed, check out all of The Cloud Pragmatist resources.