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Aviatrix Transit Feature Comparison v6

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Page 0 of 0 TECH BRIEF TECH BRIEF Comparing Enterprise Transit Network Features AWS Native Transit Azure Native Transit Aviatrix Transit Networking AWS TGW Routes Scalability 100 BGP Routes, No VPC CIDR summarization N/A No scalability concerns Azure UDR Routes Scalability N/A 400 Routes per table No scalability concerns Intra-Region Transit Peering No Yes Yes Multi-Region Connectivity Limited Yes Yes (High Performance) Multi-Cloud Connectivity No No Yes Number of Transit Gateways in a region 5 N/A No Limit VPC/VNet Route Table Management No (Manual) No (Manual) Yes (Automated) Overlapping IPs Support No No Yes BGP AS Path Prepend No No (Only available with VPN & ER) Yes Intelligent Traffic Engineering No No Yes Routes Propagation with BGP Information No Yes Yes Security End-to-End Encryption No No Yes Multi-Cloud Network Segmentation / Security Domains No No Yes Edge Segmentation Manual No Yes Site-to-Cloud Performance ~1.25Gbps ~1.25Gbps ~10Gbps High-Performance Encryption (up to 75 Gbps) No No Yes (High Performance) Automated Traffic Redirection to Firewalls No No (Only with Azure FW & vWAN) Yes Intra Security Domain Firewall Inspection No N/A Yes Exclude Firewall Inspection Addresses No No Yes Operations Routing Control (Network Route Approval) No No Yes Enterprise Grade Visibility No No Yes Troubleshooting Limited (Complex) Limited (Complex) Includes Advanced Tools Network Design Repeatability (Intra Region) No Yes (Complex) Yes Transit Network Correctness (Intelligently propagate non-RFC routes b/w on prem and spokes or b/w spokes) No No Yes (Automated) Automated Routes Audit (nightly audit If routes were modified outside of controller) No No Yes On-Demand Routes Audit (same as above but on demand) No No Yes Multi-Cloud Terraform Provider No No Yes Network CIDR Filtering Across Regions (e.g. route filtering b/w region to region if overlapping or black hole route is detected) No No Yes Ability to capture TCP sessions (Realtime Traffic Flow Logs) No No Yes (FlowIQ with link latency and resource tagging) Dynamic Topology Map, Flow Chart, Detail Flow Analytics, Latency and Tag-based mgt No No Yes (CoPilot)

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