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Ultimate MPLS Network Alternative

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3 WHITE PAPER WHITE PAPER Architectural Scenario C The objective is to move all resources to the cloud and once completed, retire your centers (the starting point is the "initial state," or a next step after scenario A or B). Alternative Architectural Approach • Your cloud-based resources are deployed in European and in North American cloud regions. They are already interconnected using the cloud backbone • Your branches and partner sites are connected to the cloud backbone using IPSec, entering the cloud at the cloud provider's point-of- presence (POP), closest to the physical location of the branch or partner as possible • You are leveraging the multi-cloud network backbone for the entire network • The Result: Cost saving and higher quality of the network service Each scenario above offers an alternative to an MPLS network that leverages the advantages of modern global cloud networking infrastructures. MPLS networks are expensive, difficult to manage, require dedicated equipment, and legacy operational processes to deploy and maintain. It's time to architect your cloud network. Aviatrix – The Foundation of a Cloud Network Backbone While cloud service providers have built the most robust global network infrastructure the world has ever seen, the challenge for customers is the complexity to configure and manage the network services exposed to them. Moreover, customers require enterprise-class networking capabilities such as encryption, operational visibility, troubleshooting and cloud traffic engineering that the cloud service providers don't offer. On top of these short comings, each cloud has unique ways of delivering network services, which limits multi-cloud optionality and creates challenging skill gaps that increase operational costs. The Aviatrix solution is based on a Multi-Cloud Network Architecture (MCNA), which has been proven with hundreds of enterprise customers building cloud network infrastructure in AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle clouds across almost every vertical industry around the world. A MCNA is not a product, it is an architectural framework that is used as a framework for organizing design requirements. A MCNA outlines how architectural pillars such as networking, security, day-one automation and day-two operational visibility span across cloud access, cloud networking and cloud application layers. Similar to a Building architecture, the MCNA becomes the go to plan that allows cloud and security architects and their operational counter parts to work together and ensure any design meets all cross-functional requirements. To realize their multi-cloud network designs, Aviatrix customers leverage the Aviatrix cloud network platform to deliver multi- cloud networking, security, and operational visibility capabilities that go beyond what any cloud service provider offers. Aviatrix software leverages the public cloud provider APIs to interact with and directly program native cloud networking constructs. This abstracts the unique complexities of each cloud, simplifying deployments and forming one multi-cloud network data plane with advanced networking and security features and one, consistent multi-cloud operational model. Aviatrix Transit delivers a superset of enterprise-class capabilities that becomes the foundation of our enterprise customer's multi-cloud network architecture. Aviatrix is the best solution to help create, automate, secure, and manage your backbone in the cloud. The Aviatrix multi-cloud network operates on top of the CSPs networking services and offers a superset of multi-cloud services including enterprise-class visibility and control of advanced networking and security features. Leveraging this multi-cloud network architecture Aviatrix can mix-and-match various cloud providers infrastructure to give you the best network service quality and offer the optionality to avoid "cloud lock-in. Next, see how Aviatrix fits into each of the 3 scenarios presented above.

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