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Ultimate MPLS Network Alternative

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5 WHITE PAPER WHITE PAPER Key Benefits of the Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network Platform Multi-Cloud Intelligent Routing One of the main benefits of using Aviatrix in all scenarios, apart from stable and secure transit network, is the Intelligent Routing. Each branch or partner is connected to both of the Aviatrix Transit Gateway. Aviatrix ensures that the traffic between the physical locations and the cloud resources or data centers takes the optimal path. If the shortest path is not available, the Aviatrix controller will automatically reprogram all the routing (in a multi-region or multi-cloud scenarios) to use the next most optimal path, always preserving the connectivity. This is made possible by the intelligence built into the Aviatrix Multi- Cloud Control Plane and Routing services delivered by the Aviatrix Platform. The SD-WAN Option SD-WAN vendors promote their solutions as the "Best Alternative to MPLS". The fact is, SD-WAN technology is great at selecting the optimal link for the different types of traffic (if you have multiple link types available). SD-WAN is fantastic for enforcing additional QoS properties on these links or traffic compression for unencrypted traffic. But there are significant challenges when your environment spans geographies (e.g. more than one country), because SD-WAN solutions are regionalized. They deploy a concentrator (hub) in a central location or in a cloud region and if your organization has branches on multiple continents, you need to interconnect these hubs. The cloud backbone, presented above, serves as an optimal way of interconnecting SD-WAN hubs and provides great performance, low latency, and stability. In combination with Aviatrix, you get all that plus increased security, intelligent cloud routing and enterprise - class visibility. Additional Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Elements and Features Aviatrix Intelligent Centralized Controller The Aviatrix controller is the brain of the cloud network platform. The platform leverages the centralized intelligence and knowledge of the controller to dynamically program both native cloud network constructs and Aviatrix's own gateway's advanced services. Combined with Aviatrix's Multi-Cloud Terraform Provider, Aviatrix enables network and security Infrastructure-as-Code automation across a multi-cloud environment. Aviatrix Gateways Aviatrix gateways deliver advanced cloud networking and security services. Aviatrix Gateways are primarily deployed to deliver transit network and security services such as intelligent dynamic routing, active-active network high- availability, end-to-end and high-performance encryption and to collect operational visibility data. Gateways are also deployed for secure network ingress and egress filtering, VPN termination and external service insertion. Transitive Peering Aviatrix Transit gateways in multiple regions can be peered with each other using what is known as Transitive Peering. Transitive Peering leverages Aviatrix ActiveMesh to establish a full mesh, multi-path connection that maximizes both throughput performance and network availability End-to-End and High-Performance Encryption All traffic between Aviatrix controllers is IPSec encrypted. Standard IPSec encryption is limited to 1.25 Gbps. Aviatrix's high-performance encryption distributes processing across multiple cores and aggregates IPSec tunnels to achieve wire speed encryption, up to 75 Gbps. Note: If you have already made an investment in an SD- WAN solution, Aviatrix delivers simple to connection capabilities for all major SD-WAN providers.

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