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Multi-Cloud Networking by Futuriom July2020

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Market Research Brief: Cloud Networking SD-WAN Growth Outlook 14 used to centrally manage branch office or remote user VPN access control across clouds, simplifying the management cloud access. These are only a handful of the growing number of uses cases for cloud networking, security, and operational control in multi-cloud networks. Use cases are growing by the month and are likely to expand substantially over time. The Next Wave: The Abstracted Multi-Cloud For enterprises and organizations that would like to build an integrated approach to multi-cloud networking that gives them insight, visibility, and control of networks across all cloud platforms, the answer lies in an abstracted view of the entire multi- cloud networking infrastructure. As multi-cloud connectivity and distributed cloud applications expand, organizations will be driven toward a single multi-cloud architecture that deliver a common network design across all clouds. This architecture cannot be bound to any specific cloud provider infrastructure and must abstract the underlying cloud complexities and limitations. The result will be centralized cloud networking control plane that lets enterprises see, control, and operationalize their cloud-based network across all of their public cloud platforms.

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