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Cloud Agility and Security for Health & Life Sciences - Executive Overview

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© 2021 Aviatrix, Inc. From Manual Inefficiency to Agile Automation With every industry looking for ways to embrace digital transforma- tion in order to gain a competitive edge, leaders in the Health & Life Sciences (HLS) sectors have ample opportunities to assess and potentially replace manual legacy systems with agile and auto- mated cloud computing solutions. Many leaders find that current disparate, disconnected systems increase costs and inefficiencies that impact service delivery and patient care. For pharmaceutical organizations in particular, accelerating research and development for new life-saving medications can be a challenge when using these systems. And as the pandemic leaves a lasting impact on the rise in telehealth and remote care, the payor, provider and health solutions markets face new challenges in tracking and evaluating these services. Now, pharmaceutical organizations can leverage new analytics tools to gain better insights and efficiency while accelerating research and development with new machine learning and AI. Payors and providers can connect disparate systems and securely handle and share electronic health records, ensuring HIPPA compliance. Health solutions organizations can begin to tackle supply chain problems while increasing the speed and agility of innovation. The Journey to the Cloud for Health & Life Sciences The journey to the cloud for HLS organizations can take many forms. At Aviatrix, we help organizations at various stages in their digital trans- formation process by: Reducing skills gaps and facilitating data migration ■ Provide support and skills that IT teams may lack, across all major cloud providers ■ Accelerate migrations to cloud or data center evacuations For many HLS organizations, transforming the business with cloud resources requires transi- tioning from legacy data centers and migrating large amounts of data, which is usually the task of small, resource-constrained IT teams. Aviatrix helps these organizations accelerate their cloud adoption by reducing the skills gaps for teams new to the cloud and facilitating data migration through high-performance, encrypted channels, ensuring data transfer security. Accelerating the setup of cloud landing zones and fundamental guardrails ■ Provide repeatable architecture unifying cloud footprints ■ Augment cloud capabilities with advanced services All cloud service providers (CSPs) provide different services and frameworks for laying out initial infrastructure in the cloud and are often limited in supporting advanced services. As HLS organizations deal with integrating data sources from disparate systems, connecting facilities to the cloud, and ensuring data security in the cloud, Aviatrix helps customers establish a consistent, repeatable method for unifying connections to the cloud while extending native cloud constructs with a wide set of advanced services. SOLUTIONS BRIEF Executive Overview Cloud Agility and Security for Health & Life Sciences

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