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A Checklist for Building a Secure Multi-Cloud Network How secure is your multi-cloud infrastructure? Many enterprises are adopting multi-cloud networking, but not all are prepared for the changes in network security that such architectures require. According to the cybersecurity company Sophos, multi-cloud organizations report more security incidents than those using a single platform. Multi-cloud networks introduce more complexity than on-premises architectures due to their diverse environments and increased attack surfaces, leaving enterprises more vulnerable to security incidents. Enterprise network operations teams must have deep visibility into network activity, but native public cloud networks make this task difficult due to inconsistent or missing features. Even basic analytics must be obtained from multiple sources and require skilled human corrob- oration to become actionable. Additionally, legacy approaches that have worked on-premises often fall short in multi-cloud, leading to non-native solutions that can be fragile, expensive, and difficult to manage. It is clear that a new approach to network security is needed to address the challenges that multi-cloud customers face. Security for multi-cloud architec- tures must be embedded holistically throughout the network fabric. You'll need to show corporate and regulatory compliance that your architecture delivers data-in-motion protection that doesn't rely on application-based encryption. You'll also need operational visibility to allow security teams to easily visualize cloud network traffic patterns, trends, and anomalies. And by leveraging infrastructure as code automa- tion, you can enable secure Internet ingress and egress filtering, which is crucial in environments that are highly regulated by industry standards such as PCI and HIPAA. Such steps ensure that security policies are applied consistently and without forcing IT to exert restrictive control that would reduce business agility.

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