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Aviatrix CoPilot Solution Brief: Intelligent Cloud Networking

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SOLUTION BRIEF Cloud Networking with Enterprise-Class Visibility and Control The Problem with "Black Box" Cloud Networking Native public cloud networking services lack the telemetry and control enterprises require to support business-critical applications. These "black box" services leave cloud infrastructure teams struggling to understand and troubleshoot, much less optimize cloud networking, resulting in extended downtime, project delays, and revenue loss. Cloud infrastructure teams need enterprise-class visibility that native cloud services don't offer. A lack of consistency across cloud providers causes this pain becomes even more acute for multicloud environments. Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform combines Aviatrix AirSpace™ – cloud networking with advanced telemetry and embedded control, and Aviatrix CoPilot™ – visualization and programable intent, to deliver the visibility and control capabilities enterprise cloud infrastructure teams require. Aviatrix goes beyond multicloud networking solutions that connect to multiple clouds to become a consistent multicloud networking backbone in and across all your public clouds. Aviatrix CoPilot The power of visibility and operational control delivered by the Aviatrix platform is only possible because of the enterprise cloud network's embedded telemetry and programmable controls. It is impossible to achieve the level of detail required by enterprise cloud infrastructure teams from native cloud networking constructs. The screenshots below offer a glimpse into the powerful visualizations Aviatrix CoPilot delivers. Dynamic Topology Mapping Provides operators with a global view of the multi-cloud network topology, including all resource information and connectivity status, and enables customized layouts, direct troubleshooting, and global search. Topology Replay Allows operators to "go back in time"; Understand immediately what changes have been made to the cloud network infrastructure when the changes were made, and by whom.

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