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Adobe | Workfront Simplifies Multicloud Networking with Aviatrix

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Adobe | Workfront, a leading provider of web-based work management software, undertook an aggressive shift to the cloud as its business grew. While initially using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their only public cloud provider, Workfront soon began running workloads in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and exploring use cases for Microsoft Azure as business needs evolved. But with limited visibility and control across the environment due to differences in each CSP's native constructs, Senior Cloud Network Engineer Spence Nelson and his team sought a solution to streamline Workfront's multicloud operations. Scalable, repeatable cloud architecture The team needed to develop a consistent and repeatable cloud architecture that offered resiliency and predictable performance regardless of the public cloud provider. This was especially important as Workfront's operations expanded to multiple regions, with dependencies across regions and availability zones. Before piloting Aviatrix, the team faced various challenges, including excessive manual configuration issues and the technical limitations of each cloud. Aviatrix quickly proved to be valuable. "I was able to point Aviatrix at GCP and build a similar environment that I have in AWS," said Nelson. "And I don't have to "deeply" understand the specifics of each individual cloud "native" architecture. The ability for a dynamic, repeatable architecture doesn't exist outside of the Aviatrix framework." Faster time to value Aviatrix provided a consistent networking platform across all of Workfront's public cloud instances, significantly reducing the team's administrative overhead. With enhanced operational visibility, Nelson and his team were able to accelerate the onboarding of new regions, architectures, and cloud environments with less complexity – delivering value to the business and their customers faster. "I have a faster turnaround on onboarding different architectures, regions, or cloud environments, so we can generate revenue faster for the product and bring customers in who are asking for specific things," said Nelson. "We have the architecture we need to enable the Workfront product to work appropriately." Deep, multicloud network visiblity The dynamic nature of Workfront's business demanded deep network visibility, allowing the team to make infrastructure adjustments in response to potential security threats and other real-time data trends. However, their cloud providers' native monitoring and logging constructs did not provide the visibility the team needed to make decisions confidently. Comparing data across different clouds made this process even more complex, with each provider delivering data in varying configurations. Aviatrix CoPilot provided a global operational view of Workfront's entire multicloud network. The detailed application traffic flow analysis, global heat map, and time series trend charts were among the solution's key benefits. The team quickly found that the time it took to pinpoint and troubleshoot traffic anomalies was significantly reduced. "Leveraging Aviatrix CoPilot where it has the deep visibility and netflow, I can easily get into my infrastructure and understand what's happening," said Nelson. For organizations facing challenges similar to Workfront at the beginning of its cloud journey, Nelson has advice based on his experience in getting started with Aviatrix. "I was able to understand the product and build it out from scratch in just a few hours using the available documentation," he says. "My recommendation is to experiment and find the balance between the native constructs of your cloud providers and leverage the Aviatrix platform as much as possible to overcome technical roadblocks you run into." Adobe | Workfront Simplifies Multicloud Networking with Aviatrix COMPANY • Adobe | Workfront is an Adobe technology company that develops web-based software to help enterprises with workflow, document and portfolio management, issue tracking, and time tracking CHALLENGE • Needed a secure, repeatable multicloud networking solution, but native cloud constructs were complex and incompatible with each other • Needed consistent operational visibility within and across its multiple public clouds to quickly respond to threats and troubleshoot faster SOLUTION • Aviatrix streamlined Workfront's multicloud operations and reduced administrative overhead by providing advanced intelligent networking, security and operational visibility services that delivered a consistent multicloud network and simplified expansion plans for additional clouds • Aviatrix CoPilot provided a global operational view of the multicloud network to provide reliable data insights for mitigating threats and troubleshooting faster. • Multicloud Infrastructure as Code automation leveraging Aviatrix's single, multicloud Terraform provider. INDUSTRY SaaS CASE STUDY For more information, visit © Aviatrix, 2022. Spence Nelson Sr. Cloud Network Engineer

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