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ESG Technical Validation: Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Marketing Platform

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Technical Summary: Intelligent Cloud Networking with Aviatrix 2 © 2022 TechTarget, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1 VPC: virtual private cloud in AWS; VNet: virtual network in Microsoft Azure; VCN: virtual cloud network in OCI. Enterprise Strategy Group Technical Validation Highlights Enterprise Strategy Group evaluated the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform via a remote demonstration using an Aviatrix multicloud test environment. Below is a summary of the findings. • The need to access and navigate multiple CSP-specific tools for configuring a cloud-based network is eliminated since the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform abstracts CSP-specific network services into a common set of constructs, thus minimizing complexity as well as deployment time. • To help large enterprises scale their cloud-based networks across multiple regions and CSPs without repeatedly completing tasks via the controller user interface (UI), the steps for deploying networking resources can be easily exported to Terraform, also reducing deployment time. • In reviewing the capabilities of the Aviatrix CoPilot, Enterprise Strategy Group confirmed how organizations can achieve end-to-end and comprehensive visibility of a cloud-based network, regardless of the number of CSPs used. By leveraging the common data plane implemented by the Aviatrix platform, we viewed the architecture of a network spanning three CSPs, including five regions, 39 Aviatrix gateways, 19 VPCs/VNets/VCNs, 1 and 31 compute instances. • By providing network end-to-end visibility, Enterprise Strategy Group saw how organizations can spend less time to identify service-affecting issues and drill down for additional detail without resorting to disjointed, CSP-specific tools. We observed how organizations can monitor the ongoing network and application performance of the aforementioned network, down to the instance level. Metrics such as bytes of incoming and outgoing traffic and latencies were tracked. • Organizations can leverage the platform's embedded intelligence provided by FlowIQ and AppIQ to track both network and application flows. Tracking such activity is almost impossible to accomplish seamlessly when using CSP-specific tools and services. • Aviatrix can optimize security by enabling organizations to track and locate cybersecurity threats between any source and destination IP addresses along the cloud network data path. No longer does an organization need to rely solely on single points of inspection, such as installing firewalls at traffic entry points. With ThreatIQ, organizations can collect statistics, such as summaries of detected threats, threats detected over time, and threat severity, down to the cloud resource level. The Bigger Truth Using multiple CSPs, building and scaling networks that span public clouds is downright complicated. Managing and securing these networks, without incurring additional overhead and expenses, is no small feat. Obtaining the breadth and depth of network visibility, constructed using multiple public cloud services, is not easy given the lack of integration amongst CSP-specific tools. Operational efficiency suffers while IT costs and business risk accrue unnecessarily. Enterprise Strategy Group was impressed by the capabilities of the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform to help organizations build out, manage, and secure a public cloud-based network. By linking VPCs/VNets/VCNs within and across CSPs with a common architecture, organizations obtain end-to-end network visibility for monitoring, detecting, and resolving performance and security issues. If these are issues you want to address, we urge you to take a closer look at the Aviatrix platform. Read the Full Report here.

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