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ESG Technical Validation: Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Marketing Platform

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This Enterprise Strategy Group Technical Validation Summary was commissioned by Aviatrix and is distributed under license from TechTarget, Inc. © 2022 TechTarget, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Technical Validation Report Summary Intelligent Cloud Networking with Aviatrix Date: December 2022 Author: Alex Arcilla, Senior Validation Analyst The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform has been designed to build, scale, manage, and secure public cloud-based networks that can support business-critical applications, without incurring unwanted operational overhead and expenses. With this platform, organizations can leverage a consistent deployment and operating model in and across enterprise multicloud networks, eliminating the need to use tools and services specific to individual cloud service providers (CSPs)— notably Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Alibaba Cloud. Read the Full Report here. Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform This platform consists of two primary components that eliminate the need to use disparate tools and services from individual CSPs to build a cloud-based network. • Aviatrix CoPilot: Provides consistent operational visibility for a single or multicloud network. • Aviatrix AirSpace: Provides multicloud networking with embedded telemetry and distributed control. Using the common data plane created by the platform across networked cloud resources, companies can achieve: • Consistent network architecture: Regardless of the number of CSPs used, organizations can apply the same network constructs, based on Aviatrix AirSpace and other Aviatrix services. • Consistent visibility and troubleshooting: No longer do organizations have to use CSP-specific tools to manage and monitor the cloud-based network, as Aviatrix provides a common interface for all network traffic, regardless of where the traffic originated. • Consistent security: By leveraging the common data plane in and across CSPs, Aviatrix can secure traffic within a cloud-based network using end-to-end encryption without sacrificing network performance and throughput. • Consistent automation: Automated workflows can be applied in a repeatable way to simplify tasks and decrease operation time. Aviatrix is also a single Terraform provider for those that leverage infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Why This Matters While organizations continue to migrate business-critical applications to the public cloud, concerns remain about scaling, managing, and securing public cloud-based networks with the same level of end-to-end visibility and control to which they are accustomed in their on-premises networks. This issue stems from the lack of integration and standardization amongst CSP-specific tools to architect and manage such networks. TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group has validated that the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform simplifies network configuration, provides end-to-end network visibility, and enforces consistent network security policies, whether the network exists within a single public cloud or spans multiple public clouds.

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