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Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone Technical Overview

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6 introduce a virtual DMZ architecture quickly and easily, with minimal friction. Firenet will automatically handle route orchestration across all clouds, enabling applications to use the virtual DMZ for Internet breakout close to the cloud applications within each region. Latency is improved, and local cloud-native services can quickly access public PaaS and SaaS services that reside in their respective clouds. Most importantly, however, the customer now has an enterprise-class cloud backbone that reduces routing complexity, throughput over the private circuits, and latency between regions. In this example, the customer could remove the bowtie (as hair pinning is no longer required), downsize the Direct Connects from 10 Gbps to 5 Gbps in North America, and remove the Direct Connect in Western Europe, as the backbone now carries traffic across all regions. The customer's private network fabric can remain a backup, as dynamic route control via BGP prepending is fully supported throughout Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone as a transitive function. Design 2 | Aviatrix Cloud Backbone + Full Mesh Transit This design centers around a customer who wishes to reduce cost and complexity further by replacing the cloud-native transit solutions directly with an Aviatrix transit solution. Here, the Aviatrix data plane can be deployed into the existing architecture without any impact or redesign, save a one-time route change that will guide traffic from the attached VPCs or VNets into the Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone. This may allow for native solutions to be decommissioned and give the customer a unified, consistent network architecture with full control and visibility. Firenet remains and continues to function uninterrupted. Solu´┐Żon 1 | Aviatrix Cloud Backbone + Firenet 18 On-Ramp Wes t US On-Ramp Wes t EU On-Ramp Eas t US Expre s s Route 2 x 10 Gbps Wes t US Eas t US Private Network Fabric Cus tomer DC Wes t Cus tomer DC Eas t Cus tomer Campus EU Di re ct Conne cts 4 x 5 Gbps Wes t EU HPE up to100 Gbps HPE up to100 Gbps

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