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MCNA EP 25: Aviatrix Validated Design Migrating from CSR1000v to a Real Enterprise Cloud Transit

The Aviatrix cloud network platform offers enterprise customers a superior, cloud aware alternative to Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) deployments. In the past, many early cloud adopters sought to maintain operational familiarity with Cisco hardware products they have on-premise by using the CSR 1000v virtual appliances. Enterprises who have migrated away from a CSR-based transit network to Aviatrix Transit did so for several reasons that we will detail in this validated design guide, including: • Operational Pain – Modern, central control replaces legacy device-by-device discrete config file CLI mgt • Visibility – Detailed multi-cloud topology and flow visualization, overcomes effectively no cloud network visibility • Performance – CSR link throughput is 1.25 Gbps with less than ~5 Gbps backplane; Aviatrix delivers up to 75 Gbps on both • Route Table Limitations – Aviatrix delivers thousands of route table entries; CSR is limited by VGW attachment to 100 This validated design guide explores these drivers for migrating from CSRs to Aviatrix Transit and provides several network designs and migration plans that have been proven by Aviatrix customers. Presented by Dana Yanch Please join us at For more details please visit